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View Poll Results: Which name do you like best? Sisters Lila, Nora, and --?

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  • Mirabel

    28 13.40%
  • Mabel

    41 19.62%
  • Camilla

    27 12.92%
  • Beatrice

    15 7.18%
  • Corinne

    20 9.57%
  • Claire

    78 37.32%
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    C section today! Final name poll added!

    Thanks to you berries, we have added a few names we love to our short list! C section is today, so I wanted to add a poll...Sisters are Lila and Nora. Thank you guys for all your help and thoughtful advice! It has really been invaluable!

    (oops forgot to add poll so i closed the previous thread)

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I voted Claire (so lovely and understated! Why doesn't Claire get more love than it does?!), but Camilla was an easy second choice. I think Lila, Nora, and Claire or Lila, Nora, and Camilla are both lovely. I've never seen the appeal of Mabel and Beatrice, and I like Mirabelle (this spelling), but I don't love it, and it seems different from Lila and Nora in some way--not sweet enough, or kind-hearted enough? I'm not sure. I like Corinne a lot, too, and that would probably have been my third choice.

    Good luck!
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    Claire was predestined to be Lila and Nora's sister.

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    I voted for Claire, as it seems to fit really nicely with her big sisters. Lila, Nora and Claire, really lovely!
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    It's between Mabel, Corinne, and Claire for me, but I ultimately went with Claire - it just fits too well!
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