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    I think each of the names could work. I suggest the middle spot, though. Hyacinth is the most usable one in my opinion, followed by Lavender.

    Random example: (with random, plain names, just to give you a feel)
    Jane Hyacinth [Longmoore]
    Anna Lavender [Longmoore]
    Julie Chrysanta [Longmore]
    Lydia Amaryllis [Longmoore]

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    Thank you for responding MayMayMay but I really was looking for which ones would work in the FN spot. MN are taken by Rosalind, Adelaide or any form of those two.
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    Lavender is a great name!

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    I wouldn't have thought Amaryllis would work until I met one in real it sounds completely normal to me!
    I wouldn't use Mary as a nickname, though, because it doesn't sound anything like Mary when you say it. The Amaryllis I know sometimes goes by Ama.
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    Amaryllis I would probably NN Lissy, Mara or Ryli. I'm not a huge fan of "Mary," I think it's very, very dated.

    Lavender I would probably go with no NN (because Lav reminds me of this creepy old man who used to live next door). But I don't think this one needs a NN at all. You might be able to push Avi or Veri?

    And I think Lavender Longmoore is fine. Some alliterative names are adorable, this is one of them.

    With your middle names I like:

    Lavender Rosalind Adelaide Longmoore -- This is darling. I love double middle names and this one just sounds amazing together.

    Amaryllis Adelaide Longmoore -- Beautiful.

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