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    What are your favorite ending in -o names?

    What are your favorite boy names ending in -o?

    Whether it's a long form and the nickname ends in -o or the whole name ends in -o.

    Would you use a nickname for them?
    I am a Chantal that has never liked her name... at all. Trying to give my children names they - at the very least - can stand.

    Mom to Boston and Piper <3

    Names I love...
    Boys - Grady, Crew, Oakley, Penn, Beckett, Milo and Callum
    Girls - Lennox, Callaway, Arden, Belle, Lorelei, Annabel, Posey, Violet, and Eve

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    My all time favorite is Miro
    Followed by Theo and Matheo. Franco and Hugo are dashing, and I really like Milo to but it's a GP as the drink means I wouldn't use it.
    The longer o names, Stefano, Constantino are nms

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    Otto (my sister has bagsed it, or it would be on my list) and Hugo (although I slightly prefer Hugh at the moment - it changes between them)

    GIRLS: Carlotta "Cara" Benedikte Marguerite "Etta" Beata Leonora "Lilla" Elisabet

    Car Baby Tuppence Zosia Mabel-------------------------------Recent Fancies: Reuben [boy] & Honoria [girl]

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