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Thread: Ronan

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    Not a name I thought I loved, but it's literally the ONLY name I've been able to run by my husband that he actually liked. I don't know the gender yet but I have this overwhelming feeling like it's a boy. Girls names we've been able to (sortof) reach a compromised list of a few names that we both are ok with, but we can't barely agree on a boys name. I like Ronan! It fits with the kind of names I like and he didn't hate it.

    What do you think of Ronan? I want the middle name to be Paul (after my dad) but I am open to suggestions if you have any! Thanks!
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    I love Ronan! It's so very sweet, I'd end up calling a Ronan "Ro" once in a while, too, which I think is adorable. Ronan Paul is so very handsome, too.
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    I love Ronan, a strong, handsome name! Its a great choice. Not to mention I kind of love the meaning "little seal".

    I like Ronan Paul it flows nicely. Other suggestions for you just in case are:

    Ronan Alexander
    Ronan Harris
    Ronan Elliot
    Ronan Elias
    Ronan Everett
    Ronan Sebastian
    Ronan Theodore
    Ronan Xavier
    Ronan William
    Ronan Arthur
    Ronan Troy
    Ronan Hale

    I truly feel Ronan Paul works wonderfully here, and the fact it has meaning makes it even better. If you wanted to spice it up you could always add a second middle for example....

    Ronan Paul Xavier/ Ronan Xavier Paul
    Ronan Paul Everett
    Ronan Paul Harris

    Good luck!
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    I love Ronan. One of my favorite names. Ronan Paul is super handsome. And you can always think of your son as your little seal.

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    I really like Ronan. (My husband doesn't, or it would probably be on my list.) I think Ronan Paul is a great combo.
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