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    Middle names for Jonah?

    I looooove Jonah. Love love love. And, yet again, I am having a hard time with middle names. None of the names on my list seem to be clicking perfectly for me.

    As of now, I have Jonah Quinlan and Jonah Keagan, and while I love Quinlan, I'm not feeling it with Jonah.

    So, to wrap it all up here, I would love any suggestions for a middle name for Jonah. Thanks!
    Going through a short name phase, apparently.

    Aiden - Bailey - Brady - Charlie - Declan - Finn - James - Jonah - Julian - Leland "Lee" - Miller - Milo - Riley - Ronan

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    Jonah Cael
    Johan Reed
    Jonah Sullivan
    Jonah Ty
    Jonah Everett
    Jonah Zane
    Jonah Finnegan
    Jonah Theodore
    Jonah Sage
    Jonah Dominic

    I think I like the sound of the 1-syllable mn the best (Ty, Zane, Reed, etc)
    But Jonah Everett is probably my favorite

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    Could you check out these threads? I'll return the favor.

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