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  • Sylvie Lucia (loo-see-ah)

    18 37.50%
  • Sylvie Camille

    12 25.00%
  • Sylvie Lux

    7 14.58%
  • Sylvie Ramona

    11 22.92%
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    I think they are all lovely. Sylvie Lux is my favorite, I think it sounds modern and somehow vintage at the same time. I really like the story of Sylvie Ramona once I read it though.
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    I vote Sylvie Ramona. Love both the sound and the meaning.
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    I voted Sylvie Lucia, it sounds sing songy to me. Very pretty. But I was torn with lux. I really like the look and feel of sylvie lux, its about the only time I have ever found Lux so appealing. I like the sound of sylvie lucia out loud better though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c@29 View Post
    I vote Sylvie Ramona. Love both the sound and the meaning.
    Ditto! I voted Ramona for the same reason: meaning, and also sound variance. Lucia and Camille are great runners-up. Lux is cute with a different fn, but with Sylvie (which I love btw) it kind of morphs into silver lux(ury) in my head.
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    Would you consider Sylvie Lucille? Normally I prefer Lucia to Lucille, but since Camille is a favorite...

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