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    Thank you all.
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    Emrys would be my favorite, I believe the correct pronunciation of Emrys is EM-riss. Rys is (riss) and Rhys is (hrees).
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    Emerson with the nickname Emory is on my list, so I'd say Emerson is my favorite.

    Emrys is SO cool, though! I pronounce it em-rees myself.
    Going through a short name phase, apparently.

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    Emrys would be my fav. I was watching "Merlin" last night, so I think of how they pronounce it on that show... Em-riss
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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeeplease View Post
    Emerson --by far. Every time I think of Emerson I think of a man with confidence, assurance, integrity and command of a room. All the features I like in boys personally.

    Happy naming.
    Yesss... I <3 Emerson!
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