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    Thank you all.
    ~ current favorites ~
    Piers Lachlan o Tadhg ? o Gray Everett o Bennett?
    Lilia Rose o Waverly Pearl o Isabel or Isobel Hettie o ??
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    Heart my son

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    Emrys would be my favorite, I believe the correct pronunciation of Emrys is EM-riss. Rys is (riss) and Rhys is (hrees).
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    Emerson with the nickname Emory is on my list, so I'd say Emerson is my favorite.

    Emrys is SO cool, though! I pronounce it em-rees myself.
    Not expecting, just a lover of names!

    Jude Emerson, Charlie Brooks, Bailey William, Lachlan James, Riley Bennett, Milo Everett, Ciaran Andrew, Ronan Avery, Brady Quinlan, Declan Rhys

    Sadie Emmeline, Elowyn Ruby "Ellie", Amelie Jane, Maisie Eleanor, Juliette Aurora, Lily Seraphine, Adeline Mirabelle, Evangeline Mae "Evie", Scarlett Elodie, Willa Katherine

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    Emrys would be my fav. I was watching "Merlin" last night, so I think of how they pronounce it on that show... Em-riss
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    Camellia Seraphine, Jessamine Ara

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeeplease View Post
    Emerson --by far. Every time I think of Emerson I think of a man with confidence, assurance, integrity and command of a room. All the features I like in boys personally.

    Happy naming.
    Yesss... I <3 Emerson!
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    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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