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    Daughters and Granddaughters CAF

    Daughters and Granddaughters CAF
    The names in the LN bank are to be used as surnames throughout the game.

    LN bank: Fox, Blackstone, Whitfield, Madison, Bay, Grey, Gable, Rowan, Winter, Twain, Knight

    -DH (grandpa): Benjamin, Canyon, Taylor, Tristan, Ashton
    -DW (grandma): June, Rose, Lydia, Josephine,

    --DD1: Ada, Belle, Millie, Reese, June
    ---DH: Apollo, Bennett, Forest, Phoenix, Hawk
    ----DD: Ruby, Lou, Violet, Daisy, Clara
    ----DD: Harmony, Bee, Emma, Frost, Magnolia

    --DD2: Lola, Adeline, Wilma, Eva, Theodora
    ---DH: Aidan, Asher, Hudson, Blue, Owen
    ----DD: Ellie, Jo, Scarlet, Augusta, Lennox

    --DD3: Adele, Finley, Bernadette, Willow, Quinn
    --- DH: Ace, Duke, Anthony, Levi, William
    ----DD: Winifred, Eden, Mia, Elodie, Maple

    --DD4: Adia, Olive, Polly, Sunshine, Prairie
    ---DH: Malcolm, Calvin, Seaton, Felix, Theodore
    ----DD:Eliza, Briar, Evangeline, Helena, Bird

    --DD5: Isabelle, Sara, Alice, Charlotte, Catherine
    ---DH: Neo, Bear, Christian, Valor, Grant
    ----DD: Jubilee, Geneva, Dorothy, Iris, Erin

    --DD6: Drew, Frances, Victoria, Natalie, Ophelia
    ---DH: Russell, Warren, Eli, Samuel, Lincoln, Jasper
    ----DD: Fawn, Fern, Emerald, Journey, Snow

    My list has been updated! Check it out if you like (Last update: July 1st, 2016)

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    DH: Ashton Benjamin Whitfield
    DW: Lydia Rose Whitfield

    DD1: Millie Ada Blackstone [Whitfield]
    - DH: Bennett Apollo Blackstone
    -- DD1: Clara Violet Blackstone
    -- DD2: Harmony Emma Blackstone

    DD2: Lola Theodora Gable [Whitfield]
    - DH: Owen Asher Gable
    -- DD1: Augusta Ellie Gable

    DD3: Willow Bernadette Fox [Whitfield]
    - DH: Anthony Levi Fox
    -- DD1: Mia Elodie Fox

    DD4: Adia Polly Knight [Whitfield]
    - DH: Malcolm Felix Knight
    -- DD1: Briar Helena Knight

    DD5: Charlotte Isabelle Madison [Whitfield]
    - DH: Grant Christian Madison
    -- DD1: Geneva Erin Madison

    DD6: Frances Ophelia Grey [Whitfield]
    - DH: Russell Lincoln Grey
    -- DD1: Fawn Emerald Grey
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    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    DH: Benjamin Canyon Whitfield "Ben"
    DW: Lydia Rose *Bay* Whitfield

    DD1: Ada Millie *Whitfield* Knight
    DH: Bennett Forest Knight
    -DD: Ruby Lou Knight
    -DD: Emma Magnolia Knight

    DD2: Eva Adeline *Whitfield* Madison
    DH: Hudson Asher Madison
    -DD: Ellie Jo Madison

    DD3: Finley Quinn *Whitfield* Blackstone
    DH: Duke William Blackstone
    -DD: Eden Mia Blackstone

    DD4: Polly Olive *Whitfield* Grey
    DH: Calvin Theodore Grey "Cal"
    -DD: Briar Evangeline Grey

    DD5: Sara Catherine *Whitfield* Rowan
    DH: Christian Grant Rowan
    -DD: Erin Dorothy Rowan

    DD6: Natalie Drew *Whitfield* Gable
    DH: Warren Samuel Gable
    -DD: Emerald Fawn Gable "Emme"

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    LN bank: Fox, Blackstone, Whitfield, Madison, Bay, Grey, Gable, Rowan, Winter, Twain, Knight

    -DH (grandpa): Benjamin Taylor Gable
    -DW (grandma): Lydia June Gable

    --DD1: Millie June (Gable) Grey
    ---DH: Bennett Forest Grey
    ----DD: Ruby Lou
    ----DD: Emma Frost

    --DD2: Eva Adeline (Gable) Fox
    ---DH: Owen Asher Fox
    ----DD: Augusta Scarlett

    --DD3: Quinn Bernadette (Gable) Blackstone
    --- DH: William Duke Blackstone
    ----DD: Winifred Elodie "Winn"

    --DD4: Olive Adia (Gable) Whitfield
    ---DH: Malcolm Felix Whitfield
    ----DD: Eliza Helena Bird

    --DD5: Sara Alice (Gable) Madison
    ---DH: Grant Valor Madison
    ----DD: Iris Geneva

    --DD6: Frances Victoria (Gable) Rowan
    ---DH: Eli Samuel Rowan
    ----DD: Fern Emerald
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