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    Thoughts on Ivan

    Right now my husband and I are trying for our first child. If it's a girl we have a few names that we both like. But if it's a boy we only can agree on Ivan, (pronounced I-Van, not Eve-on). I like it for a lot of personal reasons (my grandfather who I was very close with, was named John, my grandmother who was one of the most important people in my life was named Iva); I also like that it has a strength to it, with a different, but not to different flare. I don't think a little Ivan would be out of place with all the Aidans, Owens, Ethans, Ians, etc out there. But I doubt he'd have a lot of Ivans in his class. I also like that it's short, and is spelled like it sounds. But what do Berries here think. Is Ivan a viable option?
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    I love Ivan! I would use it in a heartbeat if not for a last name issue. I like it for all the reasons you mentioned, and I especially agree it has the cadence of a lot of popular names out there while still being "different."

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    I love Ivan. It has a strong and dashing Continental flair that's quite appealing. It's a relatively rare name outside of Eastern Europe so the chances that he'll have to share his name with a classmate is slim. Yeah, maybe you'll hear a couple of "Ivan the Terrible" jokes a long the way but who cares! The fact that it honours two people close to you is an added bonus! Ivan is a winner!
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    I love the name Ivan. It's a strong name. As for the Ivan the Terrible thing; well, every name has a bad association for someone so you can't really escape it. I love the name Damian, and would use it in a heartbeat. My mother was hesitant when I mentioned it, but she succumbed when I mentioned that there are two Saints named Damien & Damian (same with Lucas). So use it! It's so perfect for a boy : )
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    I love, love Ivan, and I don't understand why it isn't more popular. Ivan is strong, handsome, versatile, international, and distinctive without being weird. Sterling choice. Seriously, use it.
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