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    Energetic Names Namebank

    DD1: Andie, Samantha, Reba, Robin, Hero, Marian, Merry
    DD2: Frances, Gillian, Jillian, Miranda, Juno, Delaney
    DD3: Carey, Cass, Charlotte, Chloe, Esme, Haley, Mercy, Summer, Winnie
    DD4: Edie, Etta, Ffion, True, Blue, Lake, Miriam, Thora
    DD5: Holly, Lou, Margot, Molly, Promise, Rain, Jordana, Zooey
    DD6: Alessi, Bird, Destry, Diana, Dorothy, Dot, Frida, Kit, Petra, Patti
    DD7: Aleka, Audrey, Brave, Meg, Tavi, Twila, Winona
    DD8: Adriana, Amelia, Amy, Aya, Grace, India, Karen, Mia, Plum, Rose, Stephanie
    DD9: Your choice of names that fit the sibset.
    DS 1: Your choice of names that fit the sibset.

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    DD1: Hero Samantha
    DD2: Miranda Juno
    DD3: Esme Charlotte
    DD4: Edie Miriam
    DD5: Margot Jordana
    DD6: Diana Alessi
    DD7: Audrey Winona
    DD8: Aya Karen
    DD9: Kendra Genevieve
    DS 1: Solomon Jack *Solo*
    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Simon Frederick ~ Reid Wallace ~ Jasper Quincy

    Vienna Mabel ~ Margot Adelaide ~ Tallulah Winter

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    DD1: Marian Hero (Mary)
    DD2: Juno Frances
    DD3: Charlotte Esme
    DD4: Etta Thora
    DD5: Margot Lou
    DD6: Petra Dorothy
    DD7: Winona Brave (Winnie)
    DD8: Rose Plum (Rosie)
    DD9: Pippa Vada
    DS 1: August Valor (Gus)

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    DD1: Robin Samantha
    DD2: Miranda Juno
    DD3: Summer Cass
    DD4: Etta Blue
    DD5: Rain Molly
    DD6: Petra Diana
    DD7: Audrey Twila
    DD8: India Plum
    DD9: Fleur Saskia
    DS 1: Xavier Shay

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