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    Jan 2013
    We are so excited to announce the arrival of our twin girls, Lila Madeleine Kathleen and Keira Elizabeth Pauline! Their third middle names are after their grandmothers. They join older brother Logan Jonah William.

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    Nov 2013
    We are very excited to announce the birth of our twin girls Cappi Theodora Sun and Oona Owl Ballou. Cappi and Oona join siblings Vesper Novella Pearl, Elke Esmeralda Snow, Dagny Petra Florence, Roland Noble Basil, Magnus Bruno Floyd and Cello Lou Guthrie. Our beautiful family is now complete, thanks to our 8 angels: Cappi, Oona, Vesper, Elke, Dagny, Roland, Magnus and Cello.
    Girls: Vesper Noble, Anouk Minnie, Yuki Beloved, Momo Flora, Constance Nellie, Esther Opal, Nanette Camellia, Bertie Alma, Bernadette Frances, Prudence Bellamy, Paloma Valentine, Shalom Galilee, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Mercy Susannah.

    Boys: Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Morris Basil, Reginald Noble, Gerald Dove, Humphrey Kip, Amadeus Andrew, Abraham Lou, Thaddeus Palomo, Bernard Prosper, Ernest Francesco, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Valour, Moses Lou, Solomon Thaddeus, Shepherd Andrew.

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    I would like to introduce Mack Richard, joining big brothers Chad Owen and Heath Andrew!

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    May 2014
    I'd like to announce the birth of our Triplets! 3 boys, all beautiful and healthy. We were definitely not expecting three first children but we're glad they're here.
    Baby A, Kavanaugh West.
    Baby B, Huckston Tanner.
    Baby C, Devereaux Levi.

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    Nov 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    After a difficult pregnancy we have welcomed four beautiful daughters into the world! Our miracles: Apolline Mary, Calliope Olive, Jemima Celestine, and Seraphina Bernadette. They join big sister Georgiana Caroline (5).
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    - J.D. Salinger

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