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    Nov 2013
    My beautiful quintuplets were born last night: Arthur Gardener, Roland Basil, Winifred Lavender, and Hestia Fern. They join siblings Morris Elm (Morrie), Benilde Bear (Bear), Gerald Silvius (Gerry), Franklin Sen (Frankie) and Dorothy Dune (Dune). Welcome Artie, Ro, Winnie and Hestia!

    Our family is now complete.
    Momo Flora
    Dossie Roland

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    I would like to introduce our little princesses Madeline Amelia (Maddie) & Cara Elizabeth (Cara) to join her big brothers Joseph Adam (Joseph) & Greyson Daniel (Greyson) and big sisters Chloe Grace (Chloe), Alyson Renee (Aly), Danielle Mackenzie (Danielle), & Hannah Nichole (Hannah).
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    Girl Names: Ella, Hermione, Amelia, Isabella, Madeline, Samantha, Lucy, Charlotte, Victoria, Alexandra, Emma, Chloe, Abigail, Zoey, & Noelle

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    Eleanor Gannet was born yesterday, welcomed by her sister Louisa Sage, age 3, our Lou. Welcome, Elea!
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    I would like to introduce my triplet girls, Catalina Lisette "Lina", Genevieve Amity "Gena" and Anneliese Ophelia "Liesa", born yesterday. They join big brothers Alden Cole (5) and Breccan Cade (4).
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    Eliot Ansley (4) and Drew Alani (7) have a new sister! Joie Aleah was born yesterday!

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