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    Before I even read your list, I thought "Alice would be the best sister for Wendy", so I definitely think you should go with that! So, so perfect Best of luck!

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    logicpuzzler: thank you! I love all of your suggestions, especially Elspeth and Elodie! I like Elspeth a lot, the nickname Elsie is cute, it's the nickname I would use for Elsa if I named her that.

    mischa: thank you! The literary associations are the reasons why I love Wendy and Alice so much! I do love the sound of 2 sisters called Wendy and Alice. I love most of your suggestions, they're all perfect. But I especially love Clara, Junia (I considered June for a while, Junia is lovely! I've never heard it before) Margot, Iris, Celia and Fiona. Thank you for all of those!
    You're welcome! I also love the suggestion Junia. I hope you find a name that you love!
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    Please consider Wendy and Alice! Its one of my absolute favourite sibling sets!!! Wendy Caroline is beautiful, by the way!
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    I adore Alice and Clara with Wendy, Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Clara from The Nutcracker make great connections in my opinion
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