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    Name suggestions for baby girl

    We still have not found out whether we are expecting a boy or a girl but my husband and I seem to have a much easier time choosing boy names than girls. I would like a name that is not overused but isn't too out there. My mother passed away 2 years ago and I have wanted to incorporate part of her name somehow (probably a middle name). Her name was Ginger Dawn. I originally liked the name Hailey but it is used quite often. We also have a son named Elijah James and we call him Eli. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I.. immediately thought about Gin- names. Ginevra?

    Or something with similar/related meaning: Aurora, Danica, Scarlett, Ruby, etc.
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    Maybe you would like: Kendra, Holly, Daisy, Rosalie, Mila, Molly, Melanie, Bethany, Julia or Brenna. I think using Dawn or Ginger as a middle name would be great or maybe you could use her maiden name as a middle name?
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    Elijah James & ____ _____:
    *like hailey, ginger, dawn*
    Gillian pronounced Jillian
    Gianna (jee, AWN-ah)
    Ideas based on Hailey:
    Helena (ha-LAY-nah) Dawn
    Harper Dawn
    Harmony Dawn
    Honora Dawn (honoring your mom by using her middle name) *ah-Nor-ah -this is my favorite

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