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    Oct 2013

    due in 10 days and still no name! OUR TOP TWO??

    Well....I'm due in 10 days and still haven't commited to a name! I layed awake in bed last night stressing over the possibilities! Should I start from scratch or just go with a name we have considered before. Here are the top two!

    Perri Marie
    Finley Ruth

    Sibling: Davis Michael (5 year old boy; Family name)

    ( Ruby, Caroline, Blair, Penny were on our list at some point)

    What do you think??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mar 2013
    I prefer Finley Ruth to Perri Marie. However I must say I like your runner up list a lot! Ruby Caroline and Caroline Blair are both great options. Penelope Ruth nn Penny?

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    Nov 2012
    Perri Marie is adorable!!!
    That gets my vote, good luck

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    Oct 2013
    Ruby went out of the running when my twin sister had a baby 6 weeks ago and named her son MAX! I thought it was a little cheesy having a Max and Ruby in the family, like the TV show, especially with them being so close in age.

    Thanks for your vote!

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    I think Perri Marie is adorable. Personally I would use Perri as a nn for Perrin, Perrine, or Temperance, but it could work as a stand alone name.
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