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    Yes, thank you Katie. Garth Nix, of course. Sabriel and Lirael are both gorgeous.

    Well sweetie, I'm going through all my notebooks. I'm trying to stick to your rules, since I realize now I broke them left and right up there. So, no A, G, I, and T, and avoiding C, E, M, O and P. I hope you get some inspiration.

    Birgitte, Brighid, etc. - I'm not sure if this is common on your side of the pond, but I've never met one over here. SO won't let me use it, but I love it.
    Boadicea, Boudicca, Bradamante- perhaps another look at one of the B warriors?
    Deianira - I'll be honest, this is pretty but I don't remember who she was other than she had something to do with Hercules?
    Dorrit - so adorable. Too adorable? You be the judge.
    Dwnywen, Donwen, Donwenna - (so you'd have a Donna) patron saint of lovers, Welsh is what I have written down
    Faustine - I see a little faun dancing in the snow with an umbrella. Mr. Tumnus perhaps. Dainty and powerful all at once.
    Ferelith - I have nothing but the name written down, but I love it. Used to have it as a middle name option before we cut it. I still think about it though. A little faerie, obviously.
    Hallow - too Halloween? Probably. I love it though.
    Heliadora - I'm obsessed with Ora names. Not sure what this is from. It sounds Greek?
    Laocadia, Leocadia - I was sad to say bye to this one, but SO said it felt overly complicated. Maybe. I still like it.
    Lethe - I always loved this, but this is SO's sister's name (spelled Leithi), so I can't use it.
    Lollipop - No, I'm just kidding. Just seeing if you're still with me, and if you are, hoping to get a smile.
    Niniane, Nyneve, Nimue - because why not? She's gorgeous.
    Rhiannon - beautiful. I've never met anyone with this name, but it might be more common over there. Regardless, she's worth a ponder.
    Rohesia, Roesia, Rohese - so lush
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    Philo; yeah, you're right!

    Fey; thanks for sorting them. Belladonna would probably be a middle, and Elbereth too as Husband thinks two Tolkien names are too much. Chione's on the list already, suggested by Angel. I love the "see how pretty I am?" thing! Sometimes that does work. I do love these:
    Briseis - this is so incredibly beautiful. I'm putting this on the list, definitely.
    Isolde - I love this, but would rule out Isis.
    Iverine - very pretty, I don't know a lot about it. I'm assuming it's a fem. version of Iver.
    Lirael - I like this but Husband says it's too close to Israel.
    Rusalka - love this one, but weird with two Roos?
    Taygete - Why have I never considered this one? It's beautiful and I do love the Pleiades. tai-IDG-uh-tee?

    Katie; thank you! I need to read those Garth Nix books.

    Fey again; thanks so much, you're being such a help!
    Birgitte, Brighid, etc. - these are very pretty, and I have considered Brigid but we took it off.
    Boadicea, Boudicca, Bradamante- this is like our Cleo vs Zia war, I prefer one, He the other. Bradamante is gorgeous though...
    Deianira - yes, she was Hercules' second wife. She was a an incredible beauty, intelligent and skilled in the art of war (probably related to Athene in some way), and she married Hercules (the stories differ on how this came to be). She's most famous for unknowingly killing him (poisoned him), but I think it was justified seeing as how he behaved. I think I will put this on my list.
    Dorrit - Cute, but too cute I think!
    Dwnywen, Donwen, Donwenna - Donwenna's pretty! I like it.
    Faustine - oooh, this is all kinds of beautiful. I love this!
    Ferelith - yes, I do like this. Somehow it never makes my list though.
    Heliadora - I've never heard this. Reminds me of Heliabel, Percival's sister. It's pretty but I'm not crazy about -dora.
    Laocadia, Leocadia - It's really beautiful, but Husband isn't crazy about it.
    Lethe - it's lovely, but wasn't Lethe the Goddess of the river of oblivion?
    Lollipop - Still with you, and I laughed!!
    Niniane, Nyneve, Nimue - our third war, we each have our favourite. I do love it though, Nyneve is so slinky and underwatery.
    Rhiannon - I do love this. Might need to reconsider putting this on the list, I know Husband thinks of the Fleetwood Mac song though.
    Rohesia, Roesia, Rohese - The Roo thing again. But Rohesia is lovely.

    Thanks so much, I think we're nearly there...

    This is the top 7:


    ... I'm uncertain about Briseis though, we're trying to avoid Greek names this time and she is Greek. But feels less Greek than a lot of the others, and it's so lovely and easy. Care to make me a top three?
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    Briseis! I love it! Also love Isolde. Vespertine is OK.
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    What happened to Zephyrine? I love that one.
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    I'm actually glad Zephyrine isn't there. She's not wintery to me. She's more Morgana, but of course you see things different than me sometimes. We can't always be perfectly in tune. :P

    My top 3 wintery, starlight names are:

    Faustine -- I love her so much. She's very frosty and midnight and snowstorms to me
    Sylvestra -- Very close with Isolde, but Isolde is more forest in the springtime. Sylvestra is a like a wintery forest, like a wintery Tinuviel, very much like Sylvana
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