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    I think it sounds lovely with your daughters' names (which are beautiful, by the way!) - do you like Ivo? Evan Frederick would be my preference, but they all sound great, really!

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    Not a fan of Eamon or Ivo...Frederick is my husband's grandfather's name on both sides so I think that would be a nice choice for middle as well to honour his family. I'm going to keep trying for Evan b/c I think it's a great name but I can understand how it might feel awkward for him.
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    Evan is so adorable! I love Evan James!! I think it would be a cute sibling set!
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    My favorite is Evan James. Mhairi, Fiona and Evan - cute sibset.

    Btu I can see where your husband comes from - might feel awkward to name a son that, unless you are after the intention of naming baby after someone.
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    It wouldn't be necessarily naming him after his friend, though I think his friend is great. I actually think he would probably feel honoured. James was my Grandad so of course I am partial to that one!
    Mom to Mhairi Elizabeth (March 19, 2010) & Fiona Lilidh (Dec 21, 2012) Baby #3 Due March 2014

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