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Thread: Cecily?

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    I'm really liking Cecily as of late. What is everyone's opinions? Will it get mistaken for Sicily way too much?

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    I prefer the spelling Cicely, which is a bit more botanical, and reminiscent of the Victorian illustrator Cicely Mary Barker, who I admire very much.

    Or Cecilia, which is a bit frillier and avoids the Sicily thing.

    There's nothing really wrong with Cecily it just doesn't grab me the same way and I like so many C names that it'd be well down the list for me.

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    I have a cousin named Cecily (which is my preferred spelling) whose father was Cecil but went by Kit. There are a lot of literary allusions to it. Since has been used only sparingly in America, I don't see any minuses but only the pluses.
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    Love Cecily! It's one of my favorite.
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    I like Cecily, and love Cecelia. Best of luck!

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