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  • Sadie

    6 8.00%
  • Grace (Gracie)

    9 12.00%
  • Eilidh

    11 14.67%
  • Nell (Nellie)

    9 12.00%
  • Bridget

    26 34.67%
  • Anneliese (Annie)

    14 18.67%
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    Feb 2013
    What about Brigid?
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    Sep 2012
    I like Brigid a lot and Brighid even more. Would maybe go with one of those spellings if we used this name. My biggest worry was our last name ends in -mott so was worried Bridget might feel too rhymey but its not really same sound.
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    Jul 2013
    I like Brigit/Brighid the best
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    Apr 2010
    I think Bridget is gorgeous with Mhairi and Fiona. I love the nn Bridie. Even Birdie could work too. Eilidh is similar to Mhairi but it would make a smashing mn (Bridget Eilidh?).
    All the best,

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    Mar 2013
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    I would have chosen Eilidh if it weren't so close to Fiona's mn. I think Bridget -----mott would sound cute if the last name is 3 syllables. If it's two syllables, it might be a bit too rhymey. I also like Anneliese and Grace. Sadie doesn't feel quite right, not sure why. And Nell is cute but doesn't feel pretty enough next to the beautiful names Mhairi and Fiona.

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