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    3 Syllable Names Like Arabella, Valentina, Genevieve...?

    Hi guys,

    I really want to use the name Valentina as a middle name because it's so glamorous and feminine and adds a little drama to a short sweet 2 syllable first however since we plan on 2 middle names, it's a bit too long so I'm looking for a 3 syllable name that gives me the same feel. You know, the type of name you could imagine on a ballerina or something? Ha!

    To help, names that give me the same feel but also don't work are Arabella, Mirabelle, Genevieve, Giselle, Magnolia, Angelica, Penelope etc. Those are either too long, too short or too "L" heavy which doesnt work in the combo. "ee" ending names don't work either or anything with a "d" sound in the first syllable such as Adelaide.

    What have you got guys?
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    Claudie, Lilac, Hadley, Thea, Phoebe, Mirabelle, Penelope & Clementine.
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