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    I really like Sequoia and Cytheria (especially nn Theory) and Seraphina. Such great names.
    My top picks for middles would be Sequoia Venture, Cytheria Valkyrie/Violet, but Seraphina needs something else I think. Something soft and shimmery, like Selene if you don't mind alliteration, or Sabine. (please vote!)

    Just lurking since the birth of my son S. G. A.
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    @nymphalis antiopa - Thank you! I have loved it since the first time I saw redwood trees!

    @cristinamariane - I love Sequoia Venture, but does it sound too much like an adventure education company? 'V' middle names tend to be my favorite, so I am hoping I can work on my husband regarding Valkyrie. He seems pretty set on the kids having more "normal" middles (but of course he has no suggestions, haha). I like Seraphina Selene, but I think the two "L" sounds right next to each other are a little awkward. That darn L has been cramping my naming style!
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    Here is what I think about each combo.

    Sequoia Jupiter: It's a pretty awesome duo. It feels mystical.
    Sequoia Venture: Adventurous. He will be adventurous.
    Sequoia River: I like both names but not together. It just seems really themed.

    Gideon Jupiter: Really nice combo.
    Gideon Venture: I stand by my adventurous statement.
    Gideon River: I like this combo with River.

    Cytheria Violet: Love the first name and nn Theory. Violet is too plain next to her first name.
    Cytheria Valkyrie: Beautiful combo. Maybe you can get your Hubby on board with it if he likes video games. Valkyria chronicles is really well known.
    Cytheria Zephyr: I really like this combo. A little bias because my fish is named Zephyr because he is wicked fast when he swims.
    Cytheria Holly: I like how sweet this combo comes across.
    Cytheria Venture: She will also be adventurous!!

    Seraphina Violet: I have the same opinion on violet with this name.
    Seraphina Valkyrie: Love how this sounds. I hope you can convince him of Valkyrie or Valkyria.
    Seraphina Zephyr: Awesome combo. Sounds really strong with Zephyr.
    Seraphina Holly: Very pretty combo.
    Seraphina Venture: By now you should know I get an adventurous vibe from venture.

    I'm not the best on creative names but I wanted to suggest...

    Peregrine ( saw it in the poster above siggy. )


    good Luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    I'm afraid I have nothing new to add, but thought I'd tell you how much I adore Venture as a middle name, it's just gorgeous.

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    @babyninja - I love Oona, actually, ever since Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust'. Thanks for your feedback!

    @nelliedellie - Thank you! I love it too! I really hope I get to use it for one of my spawnlings.
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Other favorites: Cytheria, Arcadia, Seraphina, Caspian, Gideon

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