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    I think Cas could totally work for Charles! It's no different than Jim for James.
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    I don't really think that Castiel is too fangirlish. Supernatural is more of an underground hit, and likely people that would recognize the name would actually love it, not be like "oh, that's the dude from Supernatural!" It wouldn't be the equivalent of naming your daughter Hermione and then having everyone be like "isn't that the chick from Harry Potter?" regardless of whether they have read the books or not. I don't know if that made sense or if it was word-salad. Basically, I would be surprised if a lot of non-Supernatural watchers know that it's the name of the Supernatural character. I think you'd be fine. Hell, Balthazar was on Sup too, and that's a NB fave.
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    I actually considered Charles nn Cas at one point. It's clever, but since I pronounce Charles as one syllable it doesn't really "click" to me.
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    I actually don't know anyone that says Cassius or Cassian as cash-uh etc. They all say cass-ee-us or cass-ee-an. I like it so much better that way and I think it's perfectly legit.

    Otherwise, maybe:

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    @Angel: Thanks for the ideas! I was actually flipping through K.M. Sheard's Complete Book of Names earlier, and she had the pronunciations for Cassius and Cassian listed as "cass" instead of "cash." I might reconsider now.
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