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    Let's talk about Cas

    I'm in love with the name Cas. The trouble is, I can't decide how I would use it. I've considered adding just Cas to my list; it's #38 in the Netherlands, and it doesn't seem too strange for an American boy. I also like Cas as a nickname, but I'm not overly fond of the obvious choices - Caspian (just doesn't feel right to me), Cassius/Cassian (dislike the "sh" pronunciation), and Casper (I actually do love this, but Jasper has more meaning to me). The other option is Castiel, which I love, but I worry that it's too fangirlish. Today's blog post has me considering Cassidy, but even on a guy it feels dated to me.

    I'm not really concerned about Cas or any longer form fitting in with the names in my signature. I'm just looking for names I love. Does anyone have any ideas? Can you sell me on just Cas or one of the longer forms? Maybe there's something I haven't thought of? Thanks, ladies!
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    I think the nn Cas or Cas as the entire name is wonderful for a boy! My favorite Cas long form would have to be Cassidy or Cassius.

    Have you considered? Castor or Casimir?

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    I love the nn Cas on a boy ( althought i slightly prefer the spelling Cash ) . My favorite Cas names are Caspar & Casimir .
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    Hmm, Casimir... beautiful name, but not really my style. Castor just makes me think of castor oil. Any more thoughts on Cas or a longer name with Cas as a nickname?

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    I've run into a similar problem; love Cas but for one reason or another can't use the tradition long forms. Part of me wonders whether it could be a stretch nn for Charles... a real stretch... too far?
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