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    Let's talk about Cas

    I'm in love with the name Cas. The trouble is, I can't decide how I would use it. I've considered adding just Cas to my list; it's #38 in the Netherlands, and it doesn't seem too strange for an American boy. I also like Cas as a nickname, but I'm not overly fond of the obvious choices - Caspian (just doesn't feel right to me), Cassius/Cassian (dislike the "sh" pronunciation), and Casper (I actually do love this, but Jasper has more meaning to me). The other option is Castiel, which I love, but I worry that it's too fangirlish. Today's blog post has me considering Cassidy, but even on a guy it feels dated to me.

    I'm not really concerned about Cas or any longer form fitting in with the names in my signature. I'm just looking for names I love. Does anyone have any ideas? Can you sell me on just Cas or one of the longer forms? Maybe there's something I haven't thought of? Thanks, ladies!
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    I think the nn Cas or Cas as the entire name is wonderful for a boy! My favorite Cas long form would have to be Cassidy or Cassius.

    Have you considered? Castor or Casimir?

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    I love the nn Cas on a boy ( althought i slightly prefer the spelling Cash ) . My favorite Cas names are Caspar & Casimir .
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    I love the nn Cas on a boy ( althought i slightly prefer the spelling Cash ) . My favorite Cas names are Caspar & Casimir .
    Cas and Cash are pronounced differently. Cas is like cass and cash has an 'h' sound at the end.

    I, too, pronounce Cassius and Cassian with the "cass" sound, not "cash". @allythus makes a good point that Cass seems more complete than Cas.
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    Hmm, Casimir... beautiful name, but not really my style. Castor just makes me think of castor oil. Any more thoughts on Cas or a longer name with Cas as a nickname?

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