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    Name the wedding party (CAF variation)

    Groom: BDW
    Bride: LCW (used to be LCH)

    Groom's parents:
    Birth father: GRW
    Stepmother: ENW (used to be ENA)
    Birth mother: PST (unmarried)

    Bride's parents:
    Birth father: TDH
    Birth mother: IVH


    His Brother: KAW
    Bride's brother: MCH
    His best friend growing up: LEQ
    His college roommate: JGF
    His coworker friend: RJS


    Her twin sister: SGH
    Her younger sister: AMH
    His sister: JKW
    Her college roommate: DBU
    Her best friend from yoga: CLS

    Ring Bearer:
    Her nephew: RDH

    Flower girl:
    His niece: ESW

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    Groom: Brody Dominic Winchester
    Bride: Leila Caroline Winchester (used to be Leila Caroline Hemmings)

    Groom's Parents:
    Birth Father: Grant Reuben Winchester
    Stepmother: Elise Naomi Winchester (used to be Elise Naomi Andrews)
    Birth Mother: Phoebe Samantha Torres (unmarried)

    Bride's Parents:
    Birth Father: Tristan Daniel Holt
    Birth Mother: Isobel Violet Holt "Belle"

    His Brother: Kellan Alistair Winchester
    Bride's Brother: Marcus Christopher Hemmings
    His best friend growing up: Leighton Elijah Quirk
    His college roommate: Jensen Gregory Forbes
    His coworker friend: Ronan Jude Shephard

    Her twin sister: Sadie Genevieve Hemmings
    Her younger sister: Audrey Matilda Hemmings
    His sister: Juliette Katherine Winchester "Jett"
    Her college roommate: Danica Blair Urwin. "Nica"
    Her best friend from yoga: Chelsea Lorelei Sayers

    Ring Bearer:
    Her Nephew: Roman Dean Hemmings

    Flower girl:
    His Niece: Emmeline Sage Winchester "Emme"

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    Groom: Benedict Duncan Westley
    Bride: Lily Charlotte Westley née Hanley

    Groom's parents:
    Birth father: Gideon Robert Westley
    Stepmother: Elizabeth Naomi Westley née Archer
    Birth mother: Penelope Sarah Tate

    Bride's parents:
    Birth father: Thomas Daniel Hanley
    Birth mother: Ivy Veronica Hanley


    His Brother: Kieran Alexander Westley
    Bride's brother: Micah Christian Hartley
    His best friend growing up: Lachlan Elijah Quincy
    His college roommate: James George Finnigan
    His coworker friend: Robert Jonathan Samuels


    Her twin sister: Sage Georgiana Hartley
    Her younger sister: Acacia Miranda Hartley
    His sister: Josephine Karina Westley
    Her college roommate: Deirdre Beatrice Ulster
    Her best friend from yoga: Cora Lydia Stevenson

    Ring Bearer:
    Her nephew: Rowan David Hartley

    Flower girl:
    His niece: Esther Shannon Westley
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    Groom: Brandon Daniel Whyte
    Bride: Lauren Cecily Whyte (used to be Lauren Cecily Hunter)

    Groom's parents:
    Birth father: George Rupert Whyte
    Stepmother: Evelyn Norma Whyte (used to be Evelyn Norma Anderson)
    Birth mother: Pamela Susan Thorne (unmarried)

    Bride's parents:
    Birth father: Timothy Donald Hunter
    Birth mother: Isabel Viola Hunter


    His Brother: Kevin Andrew Whyte
    Bride's brother: Michael Conrad Hunter
    His best friend growing up: Lucas Elliot Quirke
    His college roommate: Justin Gabriel Fraser
    His coworker friend: Richard Jasper Sinclair


    Her twin sister: Samantha Gwyneth Hunter
    Her younger sister: Alice Madeline Hunter
    His sister: Jessica Karina Whyte
    Her college roommate: Deborah Blythe Ullman
    Her best friend from yoga: Clarisse Luna Shaw

    Ring Bearer:
    Her nephew: Rowan Declan Hunter

    Flower girl:
    His niece: Elspeth Sophia Whyte
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    Groom: Barrett Dominic West "Barry"
    Bride: Laila Clare Hollis-West

    Groom's parents:
    Birth father: Gavin Roscoe West
    Stepmother: Eloise Nora Alston-West "Elle"
    Birth mother: Phoebe Sylvia Townes

    Bride's parents:
    Birth father: Theodore Declan Hollis
    Birth mother: Ivy Vivienne Hollis


    His Brother: Kyler Augustus West "Kye"
    Bride's brother: Mathias Charles Hollis "Matt"
    His best friend growing up: Lorenzo Ezra Quadrelli "Enzo"
    His college roommate: Jack Gregory Fordstrom
    His coworker friend: Ronan James Sampson


    Her twin sister: Samara Grace Hollis
    Her younger sister: Annora Mae Hollis "Noor"
    His sister: Jordyn Katherine West
    Her college roommate: Daphne Brooke Ulrick
    Her best friend from yoga: Clara Leighanne Smith

    Ring Bearer:
    Her nephew: Ryker Dallas Hollis

    Flower girl:
    His niece: Eden Shayla West

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