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    Alternate spelling generator and more!

    I was looking through a site and found a told that told me to "Be Unique and stop following tradition" and to put a common name into the box to see the alternate spellings. O_O

    Most of these wouldn't even sort of be pronounced the same

    Here's what happened with my baby names:

    Damien Quillon Samwise -- Damyan Quyllon Saymwyse/Saimwyse
    Alexander Dante Griffin -- Aylexaynder Daynte Gryffyn/Ailexainder Dainte Gryffyn/Alixandir Danti Gryffyn
    Voltaire Loki Constantine -- Voltaiire/Voltayire Loci/Loky Constayntyne

    Persephone Elysia Willow -- Pirsiphoni Elysiai/Elysiay Wyllow -- O_O Those first 2 aren't even remotely the same.
    Amelia Zephyrine Saga -- Amilia/Amelya Ziphyrini/Zephyryne Siga
    Sylvana Lorian Sophia -- Silvana Loriin Sophya -- They spelled Sylvana right for me :P

    My own name (husband and room mate) and names from my book:

    Angel Starr -- Aingel Stairr/Ayngel Stayrr/ Angil Starr -- They spelled Stair wrong :P
    Cody Tyler -- Codi Tiler - my husband tiles floors now
    William Allen -- Wyllyem Aillen/Ayllen

    Marietta -- Mariitta
    Quella -- Quilla -- not pronounced the same here
    Severin -- Sivirin -- also not pronounced the same
    Alexis -- Ailexis/Aylexys

    With the plainest names I could think of:

    Ted -- Tid -- not pronounced the sam
    Will -- Wyll
    Rick -- Ricc
    Jill -- Jyll
    Beth -- Bith

    My roommate wanted me to try Alayne...this is what happened:



    There was also the baby name generator :
    Input mother and father and got these supposedly Greek names:

    Achlys -- which is the Greek spirit of the death mist

    Dionysius -- which is spelled wrong (on nameberry as well)

    And this middle name generator :
    Using Persephone and Damien (and supposedly Greek suggestions then English):

    Persephone Kandy
    Persephone Acazia
    Persephone Zoey
    Persephone Muireall -- Muriel
    Persephone Dot
    Persephone Ivie
    Persephone Mellie

    Persephone Lauralyn
    Persephone Kamryn
    Persephone Deysi -- Daisy
    Persephone Philberta
    Persephone Harmonee

    Damien Yusha
    Damien Lysandra -- *facepalm*
    Damien Nicky
    Damien Owen
    Damien Moe

    Damien Welcome
    Damien Gawen
    Damien Jaydee
    Damien Broughton
    Damien Hwitloc
    Damien Jaymes

    And my celebrity baby name is

    Bummerish Diapensiaceous (boy)
    Coaggregation Amelias (girl)

    You try. ^_^
    Mother, Hellenic Pagan Priestess, and Resident Greek name expert ^_^ Call me Dantea or Remy -- My Amazon Author Page

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th 2013
    TTC #2 by Christmas 2014

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    Haha! My turn:

    Aphro.dite Marian Ill.yria - Ayphrdoite Maryan Yllyrya (lots of y's)
    Callisto Freyja Undomiel - Kallisto/Callysto Freija Undomill/Undomyel
    Tinuviel Circe Ingrid - Tinuviil/Tynuvyel Cyrce/Sirce Yngryd

    Galileo Hector Earendil - Gaylileo/Galyleo Hictor Eairendil/Earendyl
    Orpheus Ljosalf Elessar - Orphius Ljosalf (no alternative) Illisar/Elessayr
    Theoden Sigurd Wayland - Thiodin Sygurd Waylland

    I'll play with the others later. I think Aylayyne is the best name ever. And Achlys... well, I know it's real but it's just awful.
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][CENTER]My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014[/CENTER][/FONT]

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    I've been into Elspeth lately (due to constant exposure to it on the forum) and I got: ilspith, ellspeth
    Seraphina - siraphina, seraphyna
    Esmee - "no alternate spellings for Esmee" came up

    Vaughn - vawghn

    I hit the jackpot with Bartlett - bairtlett, bayrtlett, bartlitt, bartllett

    My celebrity baby name is:
    espontoon duressor

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    I put in my top 5 for each gender.

    Samuel - Saimuel, Saymuel, Samuil, Samuell
    Edward - Edwaird, Edwayrd, Idward
    George - none (thank the heavens)
    Silas - Sylas, Sillas
    Jasper - Jaisper, Jaysper, Jaspir

    Helen - Hilin, Hellen
    Cora - Kora
    Jane - Jaine, Jayne
    Anne - Ainne, Aynne
    Lydia - Lidia, Lydya

    Whoever created this generator (and whoever actually spells their children's names this way) obviously didn't learn phonetics in primary school. I am filled with chagrin.
    Emily • Nineteen • United States
    ♂ | Samuel Edward George Arthur Ezra James Theodore Simon
    ♀ | Jane Helen Anne Caroline Cordelia Gwen Georgia Arya

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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    Esmee - "no alternate spellings for Esmee" came up
    they couldn't figure out how to add superflous Ys to Esmee I guess! (although Esmay seems rather obvious...)

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