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Thread: Norrie

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    I really like the name Norrie Lynn... I've never heard it before and I can't find much info on it on nameberry. It is a nickname name... but I think it works on its own. Thoughts?

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    Like the sushi seaweed? Nori? 'NOR-ee' O_o

    I can see it being a nickname for Norah or Eleanora etc.

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    It is a little nicknamey and cutesy for me. Maybe try to look for a name that you could use it as a nickname for? Eleanor, Nora, Noreen, Evanora - could all lead to Norrie but are a bit fuller of a name. So you could call her Norrie but she would still have the option, upon growing up, of using her full name.
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    Yes, I like Nora with the nickname Norrie. I just thought it might be able to stand on its own. Thanks!

    I guess I'm not big enough in to sushi to know about seaweed being called that.

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    Yeah, I'm going to either sushi or North West (kimye baby) because her NN is Nori

    I think it's a cute NN, but definitely not a standalone name.

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