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    Exclamation Opinions on my signature please

    My lists are always evolving and changing as I see more suggestions on here.At the moment I like the combinations in my signature and I was just wondering what everyone else's opinions are on these. I love unique names but have had a problem with seeing if they will age well. Any input you can give and insight into preferences, combinations and opinions is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, X

    EDIT: Due to the feedback I have decided that Silver Pearl Papillon sounds too wordy, Poet Marcheline Snow is not a favourite and Icy Ophelia Winter is too over the top wintery so if anyone has any suggestions of combinations out of my names or ones you can suggest then that would be greatly appreciated! (Especially with Paddington!)X
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    Well, when choosing a female name, it is important that it conveys strength so that it seems a fitting name for a writer, prime minister (I'm in Canada), physician or CEO of a company that finds the solution to world hunger (I dream big). I can't see Dr. Icy working or Judge Silver. Prime Minister Poet doesn't work either for me. I like your male names much better. They are stronger names and don't have the whimsical, airy feel of your female names. I think your female names sound like great character names, but I wouldn't use them on a child.

    As an aside, are you living vicariously through your name choices? I'm just wondering if you would have liked to be named Icy, or if you think that would be a hard handle?

    Food for thought! Thanks for posting!

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    Roibeard "Bear" Shepherd - I think this name is unique, has a nice nn, but will also age well.
    Rafferty Merlin - A classic first and a more adventurous middle, Rafferty is a strong name and has the nn Rafe
    Camden Remington Duke - While Camden isn't my style, it will age well.

    Icy Ophelia Winter - While this name is pretty on paper, I am not sure I would want to be named Icy. Have you considered Ophelia Winter? It still has that same romantic, wintry feeling to it, but Ophelia ages a lot better imo.
    Poet Marcheline Snow - I am not too big of a fan of Poet as a first name, it's just not my style. However, I do love Marcheline. I think that Poet would age better than Icy though.
    Silver Pearl Papillon - I like Silver, I actually know a woman in her late twenties/early thirties with this name, it suits her. Silver is probably the one that would age the best out of the girl names.

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    Icy Ophelia Winter- icy and winter in the same name is just too much for me
    Poet marcheline Snow- poet just doesn't seem like a name to me
    Silver pearl papillon- like silver but not the middles
    Roibeard bear Shepard- I like Bear by itself
    Rafferty merlin- I like just Rafe
    Camden Remington Duke- my favorite of all your choices
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    @rmbear- I understand what you're saying and I suppose that I just love unique names and feel like girls can carry them off more so than boys. Final decisions are a long time off so it is all planning and my name is common so I would like them to be the only ones in the class with their name. (I'm a triplet and one of my other sisters is called a more unique name and I would like that)

    @jtucker- Thanks for all of the positives there! I do like the nn Bear and you've addressed my concerns about them ageing well. I do like Ophelia and Ottilie so they're back up choices. Also middle names are not widely known so they don't bother me as much. I'm glad you like Silver.

    @pemdas- Thanks for responding. I'm glad that you like Silver and I fully take your points about the other names. The mns for Silver are my guilty pleasure really so they're likely to change. I'm glad you like Camden Remington Duke as it has the preppy Bristish feel that I love!X
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