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  • Archer

    7 23.33%
  • Everett

    18 60.00%
  • Nolan

    5 16.67%
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    Archer, Everett, or Nolan?

    Which do you prefer? Middle name will be Keith, brother is Roman James


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    I chose Everett. I am not a fan of Archer or Nolan..not sure why really, just not my style I guess?? Nothing wrong with them just much prefer Everett..actually love this name!
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    Nolan sounds so much fresher to me than Everett or Archer.

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    I believe that Roman and Nolan are too similar as a sib set. Everett and Archer are both wonderful names, but Everett is slightly more handsome.

    1. Everett
    2. Archer
    3. Nolan

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    Everett! I adore it. Nolan is nice, but Nolan and Roman sound way too similar, I think. Archer is probably my least favorite of the three, but works better than Nolan does. My only hesitation is than "Roman and Archer" together sound like a Roman archer--like an archer from Rome. I do like them together a good deal more than I expected to, though! But I still like Everett the best--Roman and Everett are fab together, and Everett's just all-around wonderful. I would love to meet (or have!) an Everett!

    Good luck!
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