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Thread: Annersley?

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    Oh no. When I read that as a first name, it hurt my eyes.

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    It's really hard to figure out what the name actually is by looking at it. Probably not a good sign.
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    I agree that the -ners- sound is a bit unpleasant.
    I think there are a lot of similar names that wouldn't cause nearly as many problems with spelling and pronunciation. Ainsley, Anneliese, Avonlea, Amberly, Anna-Lee, etc.
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    I vote no on this one. It just doesn't translate well to first name usage. The -nersley sound at the end is really unpleasant to my ears. And, as others have also pointed out, it's pretty difficult to figure out when you see it written. When I read the title, I was like "What names are they trying to smoosh together with this one? Anne and Kimberly? Anne, Amber, and Ashley? Anderson and Ainsley?!" People will assume it's made up.
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