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Thread: Frustrated!

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    We have three children... Aidan, Elsie and Charlotte (Charlie). Our fourth is a girl! We both realized we loved the name Scarlett Monroe.... Until we realized it rhymed with Charlotte. Our second name we chose is a family name, Thea Evelyn.. But I can't let go of our first name, Scarlett! What do you think we should do?

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    It's unfortunate that your favorite name rhymes with your daughter's! But I do think Charlotte and Scarlett are just too similar to both be first names in one family. I would use Scarlett as the middle, so it still gets included. I think it sounds wonderful with Thea. Is Thea Scarlett an option?
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    I really do think Scarlett and Charlotte are too similar for sisters. But I get how it feels to love a favourite name, even though I'm light-years away from kids! Use Scarlett in the middle, or if you can't let go of it as a first use a nickname like Cara or Lettie for when they're both around. (If when they're older say Charlotte's out of the house it wouldn't be confusing to call out Scarlett).
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    Thea Scarlett or Evelyn Scarlett would be good way to still use Scarlett.
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    Scarlett and Charlotte would not be a good combo for sisters; much too similar.
    What do you love about Scarlett? Try to find a way to incorporate that into another name.
    I do like Evelyn Scarlett as a possible combo tho.
    Best of luck

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