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    The Dice Decides


    This is a 3 generation game -- grandparents, their kids, and their grandchildren. The amount of kids and grandkids and their genders must be determined by this dice.

    Roll once to determine how many children the grandparents have. Roll again for each child to determine their genders [even: girl, odd: boy]. However, if you roll a 1, it's a boy, and his following sibling is his twin. If you roll a 10, it's a girl, and her following sibling is a twin. If you continue to roll multiple 1's and 10's in a row, they're all part of a set of multiples. If you roll a 1 or 10 for the last child, he/she is only a single birth.

    Repeat each procedure for every kid to determine grandkids.

    Hopefully, you'll create a big, fun family

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    LN: Jordan
    DGF (76): Seth Gabriel
    DGM (73): Janet Grace "Jan" (Robinson)
    DD1 (50): Abigail Grace "Abby"
    DS1 (48): Seth Gabriel, II "Gabe"
    DD2 (46): Sophia Robin "Sophie"
    DD3/DD4 (44): Julia Megan/Emily Charlotte

    LN: Reese
    DD1 (50): Abigail Grace "Abby" (Jordan)
    DH (53): Elijah Benjamin "Eli"
    ds (26): Daniel Moses
    ds (25): Paul Stephen
    ds (22): Noah Peter
    ds (20): Simon Isaac
    dd (17): Ruth Elizabeth "Ruthie"
    dd (14): Anna Rebecca

    LN: Jordan
    DS1 (48): Seth Gabriel, II "Gabe"
    DW (45): Sarah Caroline (Tucker)
    ds (17): Seth Gabriel, III
    ds (16): Scott Alexander
    ds (13): Stuart James
    ds/ds/ds (11): Schuyler Maddox/Sterling Weston/Sutton Broderick

    LN: Collins
    DD2 (46): Sophia Robin "Sophie" (Jordan)
    DH (49): Joseph Sawyer "Joey"
    dd (21): Lillian Sawyer "Lily"
    ds (18): Samuel Robinson "Sam"
    ds/dd (15): Clark Oliver/Laura Avery
    dd (11): Ainsley Grace
    ds (8): Forrest Levi
    ds/dd (7): Jack Mason/Stella Madeleine

    LN: Wallace
    DD3 (44): Julia Megan (Jordan)
    DH (46): Owen Andrew
    ds/ds (18): Ellis Maxwell/Nolan Zachary
    ds/ds (13): Evan Parker/Brogan Graham
    dd (10): Nina Amelia
    dd (7): Violet McKenna
    ds/dd (5): Chance William/Darby Isabella
    ds (2): Dallas Landon
    ds (nb): Harris Grayson

    LN: Ward
    DD4 (44): Emily Charlotte (Jordan)
    DH (46): Jacob Malcolm
    ds (15): Jacob Malcolm "Jake"
    ds (12): Nathan Jordan "Nate"
    ds (10): Luke Robinson
    ds/ds (7): David Francis/Seth Gabriel "Gabe"
    dd (6): Hannah Grace
    dd/ds (3): Lola Nancy "Nan"/Wright Buchanan
    ds (2): Michael Hines

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