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    Talking sib set quiz...1900's

    I know there have been a few of these around lately, but they’re fun to do so I thought I’d make my own. So I hope you take part and have fun!

    In the future you’ll have four children, two girls and two boys. Take this quiz and find out what their names will be. Have fun and enjoy.

    Baby girl number one.

    To find out her first name take the letter of your first name.

    A-E= Ruby
    K-O= Nellie
    P-T= Carrie
    U-Z= Sadie

    To find out her middle name choose your favourite country.

    Ireland= Charlotte
    China= Catherine
    Canada/USA= Pearl
    Greece= Beatrice
    France= Gertrude
    Italy= Josephine
    Spain= Mae
    Argentina= Grace
    Other= Jane

    Baby girl #1 =

    Baby boy number one.

    To find out his first name choose the view outside your window from your dream home.

    Mountains= Patrick
    Lake/River= Everett
    The city= Benjamin
    The sea/ocean=Leo
    Fields/Forest= Lewis
    Vineyard= Peter
    Other= Leslie

    To find out his middle name pick the colour of the t-shirt you’re wearing right now.

    Blue= Alexander
    Green= Claude
    Pink= Stephen
    Purple= Jacob
    Black= Martin
    White= Andrew
    Brown= Norman
    Other= Eugene

    Baby boy #1 =

    Baby girl number two.

    To find out her first name choose the amount of siblings you have.

    0= Maggie
    3= Lula
    4= Stella
    5+= Lucy
    If you’re a twin/triplet= Samantha

    To find out her middle name choose the month that you were born.

    January= Evelyn
    February= Irene
    March= Louise
    April= Pauline
    May= Lucille
    June= Marion
    July= Opal
    August= Anne
    September= Katherine
    October= Mae
    November= Ellen
    December= Hazel

    Baby girl #2 =

    Baby boy number 2.

    To find out his first name take the first letter of your father’s name.

    A-E= Jack
    F-J= Theodore
    K-O= Charlie
    P-T= Lawrence

    To find out his middle name choose your favourite genre of music.

    Pop= Thomas
    Dance= Andrew
    Punk= Edward
    Alternative= David
    Country= William
    Hip Hop= Francis
    Other= Paul

    Baby boy #2 =
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    Baby girl #1 =Nellie Charlotte
    Baby boy #1 =Leo Martin
    Baby girl #2 =Stella Anne
    Baby boy #2 =Charlie Paul
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    Baby Girl # 1: Nellie Jane
    Baby Boy # 1: Leo Andrew
    Baby Girl # 2: Susie Marion
    Baby Boy # 2: Theodore David
    - Meghan

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