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    Help with a Strong, feminine, meaningful, spunky girl's name!

    I need help we have have a baby boy name picked out that we LOVE, Brigan Paul, but am at a loss for a baby girl name and want to pair it with the middle name Scout. I love Emme (too similar to the Emma, Ellie, Emily trend), Mia (too popular), Mila (I feel the same), Dahlia (can only think of the Black Dahlia), my husband loves Adelaide but it's just not "it" for me... We both have interesting names we love and want our kids to have the same feeling. I want a girl's name that is strong, beautiful, feminine, meaningful, and spunky. HELP!!

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    I do like your boy's name very much! I love the strength and sound of Welsh names. How about:

    Aelwen Scout (Welsh for fair browed)
    Beti Scout (Welsh Betty)
    Betsan Scout (Welsh Elizabeth)
    Ceri Scout (Welsh Cherry)
    Dilys Scout (Welsh for perfect

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    Thanks! I like Aelwen and Ceri! I think we are thinking English or Southern names... Scarlett, Georgia, or Carolina. But again these are a bit too popular for me.

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