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    Harry Potter: A Detailed CAF BNG {Part One}

    This is my version of the detailed HP BNG that is floating around here. You will need a D-10 die and a D-20 die; both can be found here:

    Part two here.

    Where does your family live?
    1. England
    2. Scotland
    3. Wales
    4. Ireland
    5. Your Choice
    6. Ireland
    7. England
    8. Scotland
    9. Wales
    10. Your Choice

    Last Names (including maiden name) found here:

    Your Name (roll for first name and middle name(s) separately)

    Your Husband's Name (roll for first name and middle name(s) separately)

    Hair (you fill in details about length, texture, shade, etc.)
    1. Brown
    2. Red
    3. Blonde
    4. Black
    5. You are a Metamorphmagus and while you can change your hair color at any time, you prefer to keep it (your favorite hair color, can be an unnatural color like pink, green, blue, etc.)
    6. Red
    7. Black
    8. Blonde
    9. Brown
    10. Your Choice

    Eyes (you fill in details about shape, shade, etc.)
    1. Blue
    2. Brown
    3. Green
    4. Hazel
    5. You are a Metamorphmagus and while you can change your eye color at any time, you prefer to keep it (your favorite eye color, can be an unnatural color like orange, white, etc.)
    6. Violet
    7. Brown
    8. Blue
    9. Gray
    10. Green

    Traits (Roll five times; if you roll the same number more than once, re-roll.)
    1. Caring
    2. Wise
    3. Absent-minded
    4. Solitary
    5. Unambitious
    6. Athletic
    7. Dedicated
    8. Cynical
    9. Bizarre
    10. Fun-loving
    11. Intelligent
    12. Charismatic
    13. Clever
    14. Adventurous
    15. Arrogant
    16. Cruel
    17. Intolerant
    18. Brave
    19. Messy
    20. Obnoxious

    Blood Status
    1. Pure Blood
    2. Muggleborn
    3. Half-Blood
    4. 1/4 Muggle, 3/4 Magical
    5. Muggleborn
    6. Pure Blood
    7. 1/4 Magical, 3/4 Muggle
    8. Veela
    9. Half-Blood
    10. Muggleborn

    Hogwarts House
    You may choose to take a quiz and answer based on the traits you rolled. Quiz can be found here:
    Or you can roll for your house.
    1. Gryffindor
    2. Ravenclaw
    3. Hufflepuff
    4. Slytherin
    5. Your Choice
    6. Ravenclaw
    7. Slytherin
    8. Gryffindor
    9. Hufflepuff
    10. Your Choice

    How You and Your Husband Met
    1. You met after finishing your Hogwarts schooling
    2. You attended the same classes and helped each other with homework
    3. You met randomly in Diagon Alley
    4. One of you was in love with the other and finally got together in 4th year
    5. You were both in the same club/school activity
    6. You went to the Yule Ball and met when both of your dates ditched
    7. Your families have been old friends
    8. You met at a Quidditch match
    9. You were mortal enemies until 6th year
    10. You sat together from the first day of Hogwarts and were friends for a long time

    Wand Wood
    1: Willow
    2: Mahogany
    3: Holly
    4: Poplar
    5: Cherrywood
    6: Beechwood
    7: Maple
    8: Cedar
    9: Juniper
    10: Teak

    Wand Length
    1-2: 8 1/2 inches
    3-4: 9 1/4 inches
    5-6: 11 1/2 inches
    7-8: 10 3/4 inches
    9-10: 12 inches

    Wand Core
    1: Phoenix feather
    2: Merfolk hair
    3: Unicorn hair
    4: Dragon heartstring
    5: Salamander bone
    6: Griffin feather
    7: Kelpie bone
    8: Veela Hair
    9: Hippocampus hair
    10: Centaur hair

    Favorite Subjects (You get up to two classes)
    1: Charms
    2: Arithmancy
    3: Care of Magical Creatures
    4: Defense Against the Dark Arts
    5: Herbology
    6: Divination
    7: Potions
    8: Transfiguration
    9: Alchemy
    10: Your choice (Or choose from this site: and Extra-curricular subjects ARE applicable!)

    School Activities (You get up to four)
    1: Chess Club
    2: Gobstones Club
    3: Wizarding Photography Club
    4: Class Clubs (i.e. Charms, Transfiguration, etc. Your choice!)
    5: Quidditch team - choose your own position; roll again, a 2 or an 8 means you eventually became captain
    6: Dueling League OR Defense Association (DL was started by Draco Malfoy; DA was started by Neville Longbottom; they teach the proper ways to duel and defend oneself and are rivals. Every year they each use their top 5 wizards or witches to have a friendly competition.)
    7: Prefect, then eventually Head Boy/Girl
    8: Hagrid's Haggard Club (Where wizards and witches can go on field trips and study magical and the occasional non-magical creature.)
    9: The Art Club (which goes for both magical and muggle arts and covers all of them)
    10: Wizarding Card Collector's Club

    1: Wild animal (From where you live in real life) (I.e. Racoon, badger, deer, etc.)
    2: Insect (I.e. Butterfly, spider, etc.)
    3: Big cat (i.e. Lion, tiger, etc.)
    4: Domesticated animal (i.e. cat/dog (name the breed), parakeet, etc.)
    5: Australian animal (i.e. crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo, etc.)
    6: Ocean animal (i.e. fish (name the breed), turtle, whale, etc.)
    7: Wild bird (i.e. crane, penguin, eagle, etc.)
    8: Desert animal (i.e. camel, scorpion, fennec fox, etc.)
    9: Mythological animal (i.e. phoenix, unicorn, etc.)
    10: Your choice

    Post-Hogwarts Career
    1: Hogwarts teacher (choose the subject)
    2: Professional Quidditch player (List of teams here: and choose your position.)
    3: Ministry of Magic (list of departments here: )
    4: Author (choose the type of books)
    5: Owner of a business in Diagon Alley (list of stores here: or make up your own!)
    6: Newspaper (choose whether reporter, columnist (and type of column), or editor; choose which newspaper: Daily Prophet, The Quibbler, or make up your own!)
    7: Owner of a business in Hogsmeade (list of stores here: or make up your own!)
    8: Wandmaker/wandmaker's assistant
    9: Homemaker (Or so rich, doesn't need to work. List how they got rich.)
    10: Your choice
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    W: Sarah Fiona [Green] Clarke
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Gray
    Traits: Intelligent, clever, cynical, messy & charismatic
    Blood Status: Pure blood
    House: Slytherin
    Wand: 12-inch Juniper with Phoenix feather
    Favorite Subjects: Herbology & divination
    School Activities: Hagrid's Haggard Club & herbology club
    Patronus: Deer
    Post-Hogwarts Career: Ministry of Magic - Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

    H: Archie Felix Clarke
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Traits: Athletic, fun-loving, wise, charismatic & brave
    Blood Status: 1/4 Muggle, 3/4 Magical
    House: Slytherin
    Wand: 11 1/2 inch Maple with Merfolk hair
    Favorite Subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts & herbology
    School Activities: Herbology club & Quidditch team as seeker. Becomes captain
    Patronus: Hawk
    Post-Hogwarts Career: Professional Quidditch player for the English National Quidditch team as a seeker

    How They Met: They attended the same classes and studied together.
    Noah • Spencer • Judah • Owen • Ezra • Nathan • Archie • Atticus
    Juliette • Aurelia • Yael • Scarlett • Cecily • Aria • Mara • Mira

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    Your Name: Feather Jerusha (Begum) Robson
    --Straight black hair
    --Violet eyes
    --Obnoxious, arrogant, clever, absent-minded, brave
    --Wand: Poplar, 11.5 inches, centaur hair core
    --Favorite classes: Charms and arithmancy
    --Activities: Gobstones Club, Charms Club, Prefect (eventually Head Girl), Quidditch (Chaser)
    --Patronus: Penguin
    --Career: Editor, Daily Prophet

    Your Husband's Name: Atticus Theodore Robson
    --Wavy light brown hair
    --Green eyes
    --Caring, solitary, athletic, intelligent, messy
    --Wand: Holly, 10.75 inches, unicorn hair
    --Favorite subjects: Defense Against The Dark Arts, Potions
    --Activities: Defense Association, Prefect (eventually Head Boy), Quidditch (Beater), Hagrid's Haggard Club
    --Patronus: Raccoon
    --Career: Professional Quidditch player: Beater for Ballycastle Bats

    We sat together from the first day of Hogwarts and were friends for a long time.

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Samuel Elm Bishop
    From Wales
    Dark brown hair, hazel eyes
    Brave, Solitary, Bizarre, Charismatic, Intelligent
    Beechwood, 9 1/4 inches, Unicorn hair
    Divination Club, The Art Club, Prefect, Dueling League
    Ostrich patronus
    Owner of Dervish and Banges

    Tabitha Esther Sheppard
    From England
    Dark blonde hair, brown eyes
    Bizarre, Athletic, Charismatic, Cruel, Intolerant
    1/4 Magical, 3/4 Muggle
    Teak, 11 1/2 inches, Centaur hair
    Hagrid’s Haggard Club, Wizarding Card Collector’s Club, Gobstones Club, Defense Association
    Unicorn patronus
    Columnist at the Daily Prophet

    You met at a quidditch match!
    "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
    - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

    Clara Evelyn Amelia Mary Elizabeth Jane Maria Emma Molly

    Clement Joseph Ambrose Mateo Archie Matthew Hugh

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    The McDonald-West Family lives in Scotland

    LN: McDonald-West

    DW1: Nova Florentina McDonald-West
    -Blonde hair and Hazel eyes
    -Cynical, Unambitious, Solitary, Caring and Athletic
    -Wand: Poplar wood, 9 1/4", Merfolk hair core
    -Favorite Classes: Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts
    -Activities: Quidditch (beater) and Dueling League
    -Patronus: Spider

    DW2: Poppy Elisabeth McDonald-West
    -Red hair and Green eyes
    -Solitary, Unambitious, Bizarre, Dedicated and Fun Loving
    -Wand: Maple wood, 9 1/4", Griffin feather core
    -Favorite Classes: Arithmancy and Divination
    -Activities: Divination Club, Quidditch (seeker), and Art Club
    -Patronus: Parakeet
    -Professional Quidditch Player for the Scottish National Team

    Poppy and Nova met through quidditch

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