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    Red face A twist on Elizabeth

    My husband would really like to name our next baby. He loves the name Ellie but I find it uncomfortably popular. Elizabeth is a family name and I like it but, it is also common. Can you all help me find a twist on this name? I dont like Eliza, that is becoming overused, as well. thank you!

    My son's name is Bryce, if that helps any.
    Mother to three year old Bryce Ryker
    Baby #2 due on February 26th 2015!

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    how about taking the E off Eliza and just make it Liza? I also like simple Elle without the EE sounding end. And of course there's Beth and Liz (these are obvious, but still good choices). Good luck

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    Thought of something else, another suggestion could be Ella

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    I love the Scottish Elspeth, the French Elise, the German Elsbeth, Elke or Elsa and the Hebrew Elisha (unisex). The present Queen's childhood name was Lilibeth. There are also other "El" names like the French Eloise or Elodie.
    All the best,

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