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    3 weeks left. Help!

    Hi all,

    DH and I are stuck, stuck, stuck for our little boy's first name! We have narrowed our list to five. His middle name will be Kelly. Would love to know what you think/ like/ dislike.


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    My favourite is Lachlan, it goes very well with Kelly. After that I'd say Foster or Marshall. The Scandinavian inspired Soren and Torsten don't mesh as well in my opinion with Kelly but they are lovely and that is my personal thing. You can't really go wrong!

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    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry! Here are my thoughts and ratings of your five names.

    1 Lachlan - I think this looks and sounds wonderful with the mn Kelly. As long as your surname doesn't end in "n" as well this is a winner!
    2 Torsten - A rare Scandinavian gem. Torsten Kelly is awesome. Personally, I like the mix of Scandinavian and Celtic names.
    3 Soren - I'm seeing this name a lot but I like it with the mn.

    I'm not a fan of Marshall (Marshall Matt Dillon of TV's "Gunsmoke", department store name, martial law) or Foster (child).
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    All the best,

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    Foster! That is my favorite boy name ever and will be the name of our baby if it's a boy
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    I agree with mischa, I think naming a child Foster is just asking for a middle name though; great!
    I love Soren, and I think it sounds great with Kelly.
    Torsten is very cool! I have never heard that before! It's unique but not too far out there. And I also think that one goes well with Kelly.
    Lachlan is ok, but thanks to Vince Vaughn naming is daughter that, I think it is gaining major popularity as a girls name.
    Best of luck

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