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    I like Louisa better if you pronounce it Lou-Eye-Zuh. The "wheeze" in the middle of the other pn. is not pretty to me in the same vein as your other names. Congrats on your new girlie!!!

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    I really like Louisa, though I slightly prefer Eloise. Louisa is definitely the spunkier, more classic choice.
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    Louisa is definitely a keeper. It's an underused classic feminization that hasn't even shown up in the top 1000 in awhile. It's very close to the perfect classic. My only concern is that I would not pair it with Augusta or any -a ending name since it would sound redundant even if it is a second middle name.
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    Thank you all so much for your input alas, it seems that for hubby there still is no name that holds a candle to Caroline Augusta Jane....

    Also, upon further inspection, Rollo is right... With our last name, Louisa isn't as smooth of a pairing... But oh how I love Louisa, she goes on my short list for sure!
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