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    Here are a few names which I think have spunk:
    Cleo - Cle
    Agatha - Aggie
    Bettine - Betty
    Tallulah - Tully, Lulu, Lula,
    Camilla/Camille - Cami, Cam, Milla
    TTC #1

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    I love Beatrix nn Betty and it was on my list for a while but turns out DH hates the nn Betty!

    I also like Cleo/Clio, Clementine and Sinead!

    Any more suggestions???
    boys names drive me crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by backtomyroots View Post

    Here's what I have so far...

    1.Ramona nn Romy
    2.Bridget nn Birdie or Get (pr. JET)
    3.Lena nn Leni ( pr. LAY-NAH/LAY-NEE)
    4.Adair nn Dair
    6.Valentina nn Leni (pr. Lenny)
    7.Etta nn Ettie
    8.Norah nn Nori ( although the fact the kim kardashian nicknamed her babe this make me not like it as much)
    9.Eleanor nn Leni (pr. Lenny)
    10. ??????????????????
    Amabel ( Amy, Mabe, Belle), Magdalena ( Maggie, Lena, Daly, Aggie)Linnea ( Naya, Lini) Veda, Hadrian ( Haddie), Bevin ( Bev, Evi), Renata, Linden.
    *Magnolia Alice / Evangeline Jonquil Snow / Adelaide Clover / Adelaide Sofie Grey/ Athena Florence Pearl/Genevieve/Guinevere Luna Neve / Georgiana Ismay Pearl / Eugenie Marigold/ Ondine Atalune Fleur/ Liliana Amoret / Annika Lilou Sage / Liv Corisande*

    *Osias /Augusten /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/
    Peregrine Atlas/ Fennec/ Asher Thiago Wolf /Hugo Caspian Sage/Beau/ August/ Maximus Odin*

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    I think Alma and Adair are great choices. I also think Nora/Norah easily stands on its own without the nickname Nori.

    I would suggest adding Stella, Tamsin, Astor, Adelaide or Aurora. Also second pps suggestions of Camilla and Lorelei.

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    Beatrix nm Bea, Betty or Trixie. Supercute and spunky.

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