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    Sorry for butting in again, but I keep finding names for you. What do you think of Tryst? It's one of my favourite words and it's super romantic. I like Desmond Tryst and Peregrin Tryst.

    And... drum roll please... Mithrandir! Jorah Mithrandir, Desmond Mithrandir, Corbett Mithrandir... anything Mithrandir really. Then there's Westernesse which just works perfectly for what you want. Malachi Westernesse, Theodore Westernesse, Corbett Westernesse.
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    You two are so AWESOME. Just go name all the babies of the world, please. I adore both of your combos.

    First, yes, Rivendell and Mithrandir can definitely go on the middle name list. Mithrandir especially is incredible. Again, another name I've just never considered. Love it. Tryst is uber romantic, Ottilie. I'm still a little sad about losing my Tristan. In the end, the abruptness of the first and last and the popularity of Tristan made him slide off the short list. Tryst is going on my book characters list. I'm going to do both you and Sessha together, if that's all right. I mean, you're basically one person, right?

    Caspian, Gwydion and Desmond are my top three picks. Damian, Malachi and Jorah are SO's top three. Clive, Corbett, Peregrin and Theodore are mutual top picks. I can already tell there's going to be some name wars in the home when baby is here. Good name wars, hopefully.

    Love both your imagery. It's along the same vein as my imagery of him. There's also a bit of the stargazer in there, because of the book character, and his astronomy lessons with Cornelius.

    Caspian Ambler- yes, it's a town in Alaska which almost makes me not want to use it because the town means nothing to me. But I like the word and the imagery I get from ambler. Keeping this one.
    Caspian Bay- a little too on the nose I think.
    Caspian Cove- I'm not sure how I feel about alliteration all across. There've been a few names I've considered it with (Cordelia especially).
    Caspian Hart- I love Hart with everyone. I think Peregrin is where Hart will end up, but I'm keeping my options open.
    Caspian Llyr- This is my favorite, but I'm not sure it works, sound wise. There's also a lot of children's fantasy literature going on here.
    Caspian Lynx- Hmm, I like. It adds some slinkiness to Caspian's brave adventures.
    Caspian Atlas- really like this one. Katlen isn't the actual surname, just very close, and I think Atlas works pretty well with the actual name.
    Caspian Earendil- Ah yes, this is up there with Llyr for me. Maybe higher because there's that whole morning star thing.
    Caspian Finglas- I love Finglas. I keep worrying there's too much Tolkien going on with my kids. I mean, we both love Tolkien, but we're coming off as obsessed. Finglas sounds good with a lot of names. He's an ent, so to me it's very earthy. It sounds like the wind racing through the forest.
    Caspian Fox- Another that works so great with lots of firsts. I like him with Cas a lot.
    Caspian Frost- I keep mulling Frost over. Imagery is a swoon. I'm not sure about the sound itself though.
    Caspian Hawk- there's a heroic name! I hadn't considered how the end of Hawk and the beginning of Katlen sound. I love Hawk, but I think I'm going to have to eliminate him.
    Caspian Heron- keeper! It adds an elegance to the heroism I think.
    Caspian Wolf- another that just works everywhere. I think I'd like Wolf better with others.

    Caspian Ambler
    Caspian Hart
    Caspian Llyr
    Caspian Lynx
    Caspian Atlas
    Caspian Earendil
    Caspian Heron

    He's brand new on the list, and I'm a little worried he's just a crush for both of us. We've never even considered it, but we were going through names and he jumped out at both of us. We don't usually go for such short names. It feels very rugged, which I like. Someone with knife skills, yes exactly.

    Clive Aragorn- yes! Dang it. Again with Tolkien. That word wizard, he just made too many amazing names.
    Clive Bedivere- hmm, this may be one of those names I like better in my head. I keep saying Bedivere and it sounds awkward.
    Clive Galahad- oh Galahad. He's my fave, and SO is rooting for Gawain.
    Clive Hyperion- I really love Hyperion with Clive. He softens him up just enough.
    Clive Melynlas- This is another new one, from you, yes Ottilie? Love it. Definitely want a Melynlas somewhere. I think it's a little L heavy with Clive.
    Clive Thorondor- Ah, Thorondor. He soars, doesn't he? I keep debating replacing Theodore with Thorondor, but we couldn't have a Peregrin and a Thorondor. Our children would hate us, so we'd have to choose which to keep as a first. For now, it's Peregrin. I like Thorondor here.
    Clive Aragorn- see? Same person, the both of you.
    Clive Faramir- ooh, hadn't thought of that. Yes, a keeper.
    Clive Galahad- Yep. Same person.
    Clive Pendragon- Love it!
    Clive Tesla- too short I think. And Tesla is so crackly to me, bright and lit with a roaring fire.
    Clive Thorondor- Okay, now I know you two are sharing the same brain.

    Clive Aragorn
    Clive Galahad
    Clive Hyperion
    Clive Thorondor
    Clive Faramir
    Clive Pendragon

    Another new one, but I think he's a keeper. I totally see my Corbett out by a stream, with a pair of steampunk goggles on (or perhaps a spyglass). He's a quirky nature boy for sure!

    Corbett Eärendil- yes, think I like Earendil better with Cas so far.
    Corbett Faramir- I like Faramir better elsewhere.
    Corbett Gawain- yep, going on the list. The mister will be happy.
    Corbett Ivanhoe- ooh, and this one makes me happy.
    Corbett Melynlas- I think Melynlas goes somewhere else.
    Corbett Navarro- yes, I like it.
    Corbett Fox- ooh, keeper!
    Corbett Frost- meh, yeah, I think I'm cutting Frost. I'm torn. It's very Jack Frost which I love, but I keep hesitating which makes me think I need to pass.
    Corbett Hyperion- oooh!! Love this one Sessha.
    Corbett Lyulf- now all I'm thinking is Hyperion here. Hyperion may be the winner. I think I like Lyulf with Malachi.
    Corbett Navarro- hmm, where have I seen this? Ah yes, your other half!
    Corbett Rune- Like it.
    Corbett Thorondor- Ooh, interesting imagery. I can see Corbett with an eagle soaring high above him.

    Corbett Gawain
    Corbett Ivanhoe
    Corbett Navarro
    Corbett Fox
    Corbett Hyperion
    Corbett Rune
    Corbett Thorondor

    My Desmond. This is one of the best names ever in my opinion. I fell in love with Desmond from LOST, and the name has just felt like the most romantic, noble, brave names ever. Desmond is truly a knight in shining armor.

    Desmond Cove- I think I'm cutting Cove. Another one of those names where I like the imagery more than the sound.
    Desmond Eärendil- you know what's good about long lists like this? It just reinforces my love of a middle with certain firsts. I can't stop thinking of Caspian every time I see Earendil. He works really well here, too. Especially with the sailing tie in for LOST.
    Desmond Finvarra- oh I love this so much!!
    Desmond Hart- like it
    Desmond Melynlas- yeah, this works for me.
    Desmond Rune- adds some nice magic to Des. Like it.
    Desmond Strider- ooh, takes that heroism all the way up to 10, doesn't it?
    Desmond Atlas- another I prefer with Caspian.
    Desmond Caradoc- another hero!
    Desmond Cove- I'm cutting Cove
    Desmond Fox- cute
    Desmond Gawain- I really like it
    Desmond Hawk- cut this one
    Desmond Iorek- oh nice. I really love Iorek, as does SO. We loved the books, the character, and it's an interesting arctic tie in. As with Hawk, I'm hesitating over the K ending. Ugh, this one is harder to let go of than Hawk was. Need to think on this one.
    Desmond Kestrel- I think I'm switching Kestrel to the girls
    Desmond Llyr- Love it
    Desmond Thorne- nice, I like others better though
    Desmond Wolf- yeah, this is great!

    Desmond Earendil
    Desmond Finvarra
    Desmond Hart
    Desmond Melynlas
    Desmond Rune
    Desmond Strider
    Desmond Caradoc
    Desmond Fox
    Desmond Gawain
    Desmond Iorek
    Desmond Llyr
    Desmond Wolf

    Ah, hell, that's way too many. Des you rascal.

    This is probably going to be the hardest. SO feels about Gwydion the way I use to feel about Damian. Doesn't love it, but I'm not budging on this one. I think that we need a name to make him love it, the way I fell in love with Damian Sparrow. I only like a couple of these (sorry!! I always feel bad saying that) so I'm just commenting on the ones I like.

    Gwydion Faramir- yeah, this sounds and feels good
    Gwydion Llyr- sounds amazing!! too much Chronicles of Prydain/Welsh mythology, though? Honestly, I don't care. I love it.
    Gwydion Thorondor- I like the soaring of it. I imagine Gwydion on a cliff, with birds all around him, casting spells.

    This is SO's love. I'm pretty fond of Jorah, myself, so I think he's a pretty high contender. Yep, stars, gentle, loyal. That's how I picture him.

    Jorah Eärendil- the first to make me think of separating him from Caspian
    Jorah Faramir- man, Faramir just works everywhere!
    Jorah Hyperion- ahh! Love it!
    Jorah Melynlas- yep, this works
    Jorah Quest- I think I like the longer ones with Jorah
    Jorah Bjorn- love Bjorn
    Jorah Finvarra- too many ora arra sounds I think.
    Jorah Galahad- I like this knight elsewhere
    Jorah Kester- I keep wanting to make Kester work, as a nod to my brother (Christopher), and it reminds me of Kestrel which I love. Too abrupt here, I think. He'd have three two syllable names.
    Jorah Lynx- too short
    Jorah Lyulf- hmm, another short one, but this one I think I like
    Jorah Navarro- yeah, I really like this. Navarro is part of the valley I grew up in, so there's lots of warm fuzzies here. The ora arro sound doesn't bug me here as much.
    Jorah Pendragon- ooh, yeah, this is a dashing hero.

    Jorah Earendil
    Jorah Faramir
    Jorah Hyperion
    Jorah Melynlas
    Jorah Bjorn
    Jorah Lyulf
    Jorah Navarro
    Jorah Pendragon
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    SO loves this one. I like it, but worry there's a bit too much evil movie boys going on with Damian and Malachi. Oh well, I do like it. Malachi feels like a warm fire to me. It crackles and brightens everything up. I'm taking too long responding, going to have to hurry through the rest. Just leaving the keepers, rather than individual responses.

    Malachi Hart
    Malachi Odin
    Malachi Rune
    Malachi Bjorn
    Malachi Fox
    Malachi Rivendell

    We both love this one a lot. He makes us grin. Haha. We're going to drive the kids mad with our stupid puns. We're quite fond of them.

    Peregrin Bjorn
    Peregrin Hart
    Peregrin Ambler
    Peregrin Hale
    Peregrin Tesla

    He almost doesn't fit with our other names (except Cordelia, they're perfect together) but I'd probably call him Bear, so he'd fit in just fine I think.

    Theodore Atlas
    Theodore Byron
    Theodore Hart
    Theodore Woodrow
    Theodore Lyulf
    Theodore Melynlas

    I love Jorah Mithrandir, Desmond Mithrandir and Corbett Mithrandir! I feel like this response is way too long. Going to discuss some of these with SO tonight. We're going out for sushi. Yum! Thanks again, lovelies. Really appreciate your input. Oops, yep, this is too long. Cutting it in half. Oh, and I have to wait 30 seconds now. Okay nameberry, learning all sorts of things you can't do today.
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    Okay, closing to think about the names we've picked. Thanks again!

    Caspian Eärendil
    Clive Pendragon
    Corbett Hyperion
    Damian Sparrow
    Desmond Finvarra
    Gwydion Thorondor
    Jorah Mithrandir
    Malachi Bjorn
    Peregrin Hart
    Theodore Finglas
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