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    So my husband deployed to Afghanistan this morning with the dog and I'm missing him already! It's going to be my first night alone with the twins and I'm going to admit I'm a little worried. Over the past couple of weeks he's been helping out every night with the kids and being really good around the house and such. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to cope without him! On top of that I've got the five other dogs to look after and Indy's just going through a phase where he's started attention seeking throughout the night when we're up with the babies. He keeps refusing to go to bed so we have the nightly battles about that. Usually it's his dad who sorts it out so I'm in for a treat this evening! Has anyone got any tips for managing a chaotic household on your own? I'd be very grateful!
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    I don't have experience with this, but my suggestion for dealing with your older son would be to give him some jobs and responsibility if you don't do so already. He's 4 so he's old enough to help you a bit with the little ones. Maybe he could help with the dogs too. Good luck

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    There's a fair amount of evidence indicating this poster is a troll.
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