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    What's your Reaction to Noir & how would you pn it?

    Noir as a little girls first given name?

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    Nnwar-to me it means black. The black colour to me is not an appealing/happy name to name a child. But I would easily shrug it off if I mean a little Noir.
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    I actually really like it! I'd pronounce it the French way like "No-wah" if that makes sense. It makes me think of a cute, mysterious little girl like the beautiful night sky. X
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    I've spoken French since preschool so I'd only pronounce it the French way. It's s pretty sound :-) ella17 pronoun citation is closest to the real thing, I'm not very helpful since I've been speaking it for so long it's kinda hard to describe the sound haha
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    I pronounce it the French way, kind of like nwahr (I'm not sure how to write it phonetically). Noir has a beautiful sound and I can picture it on a girl/woman.

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