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Thread: Tattoos!

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    This has been discussed some in the Alternative Momberries thread by the lovely @dantea, but I thought it deserved a thread of it's own as well! Anyone have a tattoo they'd like to share, or considering a tattoo idea or even just curious (like I am) to see what other members have inked?

    I'll start. I have the key from Coraline tattooed on my right hip, with the bottom of the key just below my panty line and the top about an inch above my pants' waistband. I just love keys... the shape and weight of them, the significance of being able to lock in or out whatever you choose to... they represent the power of choice, in a way. I also love the movie Coraline, and the story and everything it represents: being grateful for what you have, being careful what you wish for, and in general the cute but dark creepiness of it all.

    The pair is a pair of great horned owl wings, one on the outside of each ankle. Those are in honor of my grandmother. I got them about a month after she passed away of brain cancer. She loved owls and so do I, and all her owl collection came to me after she passed so I thought it was fitting.

    I'm planning at least three more:
    1) A Moravian star, which will be a matching tattoo I plan on getting with my mom. The city we're from and the college I went to are represented by this star, and she used to sing me the song from Fievel, "Somewhere Out There" when I was little, so the lines 'It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star' are important to us. I might have "somewhere out there" tattooed around the star. Probably on the back of my neck or my wrist.

    2) A captain's wheel with "Things Will Get Better" around it in script. This will go on my outside thigh and probably be the largest of my future collection! My grandfather is very into ships, so the captain's wheel is to represent him. The quote is just something he's said to me consistently throughout my life, and will continue to say, according to him. He's one of the most important people in my life so it makes sense his tattoo is the biggest, lol.

    3) The word "pentimenti" in script, don't know where yet... possibly ribs, the inside of an elbow or under my collarbone. Pentimenti is an art term meaning "the artist repents", and it describes part of the process of painting/drawing in which an artist changes something but the original is still somewhat visible. I take it to mean that even the things we regret or wish we could change, help us grow and make us who we are.

    Obviously all my personal tattoos have a meaning, but I love the ones that are just pretty too! Bring on the body art!
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    Lovely tattoos, I especially like your owl wings.

    I'm too young to get a tattoo just yet, but I do have several ideas going through my head for when I turn eighteen early next year. I will be getting an elephant (or elephants) tattoo somewhere, although I have no idea where yet. I have contemplated the back of my neck, my wrist and my shoulder. Even though they've become quite popular, I want some plain black flying birds somewhere on my body as they have a deeper meaning to me. I would love to get a moon and some roses tattooed somewhere and, of course, my children's names when and if I have children. I've also thought about the following quotes:
    * "Not all those who wander are lost"
    * "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"
    * "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past"
    * "We're all made here"
    * "To die would be an awfully big adventure"
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    I was just watching Coraline! I love your tattoos.

    I have two currently and am planning four more.

    The first tattoo I got was "Agape" on the inside of my right hip (on my panty line.) Agape means "unconditional love" or "God love" and is used to describe God's love for us in the original Greek of the Bible. I got this tattoo the day after I turned 18 and had been planning it since 6th grade.

    My other tattoo is "and beyond" on my lower left side. My very best friend has "to infinity" on hers. Not only was it a wonderful way to celebrate our friendship, but I am also quite Disney obsessed so I love it for multiple reasons.

    I'll update with my tattoos-in-the-works after they are actually etched into my skin. They are just vague ideas right now. The only solidly planned one is the my mom and I are getting matching "we're all mad here" tattoos in the shape of a spade in December. I think that'll be on my ankle.

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    Sorry I don't love tattoos. In my day it was only the bad boys or sailors who got a tat and no self respecting girl would go there.

    Sadly I think that if one sees a large tat from a distance it looks like a big bruise, and when ones arms start to lose their shape and elasticity (like mine) then you end up with a wrinkly tat.

    I also worry about the hygiene of the place that does the tattoos.

    Just an opinion from an oldie.

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    Well, wrinkled is wrinkled. Sure, skin changes as we age, but most of us aren't going to look that great by the time our tattoos are old anyway, so I've never really understood that concern. That to me is saying, don't live for today (when your tattoo is bright and tight and looks great), live for tomorrow (when you're going to be saggy and wrinkled anyway). Yes, take care of your body, but I've heard lots of people say that they won't get tattoos because someday it will be all wrinkled. Should you not make the bed because it's going to get messed up again? Not brush your hair because it will get tangled eventually? Yeah, it's going to happen, but not for a long time. My gramps and bio dad have both had tattoos since they were teens, and while they're a bit faded, and the lines aren't as defined, they still look pretty damn good.

    Most shops I've been to are so spic and span you could eat off the floor, but yes, always make sure the shop you pick is clean.

    No offense intended, rollo, it's an argument I hear constantly, but it always irks me.
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