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    This one's kind of strange, but my ex used to call me Bushy because we first met next to a bush.

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    Hmmm. I have lots of nicknames for the BF/FH. I call him Oompa Loompa (he is short) and weird variations like PoompaDoomp. I also call him my Chalupa (there is NO reason for that) and he, in turn, calls me his Churro. He also calls me his Persian princess, and I hear "love of my life" a lot. We make people sick.
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    Another Kitten over here! My SO calls me his kitten, although we don't use pet names in person really (our relationship isn't exactly a secret, but it's something we try to keep subtle in front of family/mutual friends). We use them mostly when we're texting or talking on the phone. He also occasionally calls me kitsune (fox), but I prefer kitten. I can't really describe the feeling I get when he calls me that... warm fuzzies for sure

    My nicknames for him are sir and captain (long story, but it was part of a card game called Pirate Fluxx and it just stuck). I consider 'love' from time to time, but I'm hesitant to start using that one. The L-word hasn't been exchanged, so I don't want to spook him!

    All my previous SO's have called me babe, baby, or honey. M occasionally uses babe on me, but I prefer his 'special' nicknames for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    Another Kitten over here! ... My nicknames for him are sir and captain.
    O.O Oh my goodness! How funny, I call my hubby the same things! Although I have to say, our reasons for that are definitely R-rated at the least >_>

    There's also the requisite baby, honey, dear, sweetheart, boo-boo (I blame our former roommate for that one...we didn't start it!), and love/lovie/lover. He's Mr. Man when he's in trouble. We call each other husbie and wifey, and sometimes I call him my angel, because of what a gift he is and how kindly he always treats me. And there's variations on Kitten - he calls me his kitty, kittencat, and Sesshirecat (tee hee!). And when one of us is about to ask the other for a favor, it's usually prefaced with "darling-baby-love-of-my-life" in kind of a tongue in cheek way. Because then the other is always like lol what is it you want this time

    My parents call each other Punkin (read: pumpkin), and Sugar Dumplin. .... We're Southern, that's all I can say, haha.
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    So much cuteness in this thread. We play a word association game with our lovey names. It's rare we call each other by our given names. He calls me Sally, I call him Bobby. I call him unicorn sungazer, he calls me mermaid moonsinger. Chuck the giant duck and Carrie the little fairy. It's supposed to be the first thing that pops into your head. It's only weird when people hear us, and every once in awhile one of us comes up with a doozy, and the other one just shrugs and says, "yeah, I've got nothing," which usually leads to a tickle fight and other stuff. :P We never really sat down and made up rules with this, we've just always done it, and we almost never repeat the same name. Endearments are so strange once you start explaining them to other people.

    We do love, honey, sweetheart, light of my life and such, too. Our special names for each other are mooncow (him) and star (me), and this is how we sign love letters to each other.
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