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    Writer Communities

    I know there are a bunch of writers here, and I know you all like asking for help in the writers section, but I never get more than one response over there. So, I'm looking for a community more geared towards writers. I want somewhere that I can speak with fellow writers, give lots of feedback like I do here, and get feedback in return (like I don't here).

    Any of you writers have a community you love?
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    I'm not on it, but a lot of Berries rave about Wattpad.

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    I was on Allpoetry for five years. It has a sister site called Storywrite. They both are great communities. The friends I met on there helped me through a lot and always gave me constructive criticism.
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    You just reminded me I started a writing thread and forgot all about it. I'm horrible. In my defense, I've been busy writing.

    The only writing community I've ever joined is Nano. The forums are huge, with so much information your eyes will bug out. Unfortunately, they strip the boards clean once a year. This isn't terrible, as hardly anyone really reads any thread over a year old anyway, but it still makes me sad every year to see them stripped clean. They just stripped them a couple days ago, but already there's lots of stuff to read and respond to.
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    Just putting my two cents in.
    First, I did try Wattpad, but I wouldn't recommend it. That's just my opinion though.

    Second, have you done NaNoWriMo? Not exactly a forum, I know, but it is a great place for inspiration. I haven't done it for the last couple of years, but I think the month might actually be October.

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