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    Name the family with my family's names

    Use the name bank made up of names from my family (I have a large extended family) to name this family.

    DH: DW: (MN*) LN:

    ODS: DW: (MN)

    ODD: DH: LN:

    YDS: DW: (MN)

    YDD: DH: LN:

    Abraham, Aidan, Alan, Asher, August, Avery, Bobby, Bruce, Chase, Christopher, Clayton, Daniel, David, Derrick, Devante, Devin, Dominic, Edward, Evander, Gabriel, Graham, Jackson, James, Jared, Jason, Jeffrey, Jerry, John, Joshua, Josiah, Lawrence, Leonard, Logen, Loren, Lynn, Malachi, Matthew, Max, Michael, Monty, Myron, Nathan, Nicholas, Orval, Paul, Peter, Ralph, Ryan, Ryker, Stonewall, Tobias, Vince, Wayne, Wesley

    Abigail, Adeline, Alberta, Amelie, Amethyst, Ann, Aubriella, Avalon, Amanda, Amber, Alayna, Bailey, Barb, Betty, Braelyn, Brittyn, Brooke, Carla, Carolyn, Cassie, Cindy, Darcy, DeLyte, Donna, Elizabeth, Ella, Elyssa, Ember, Emma, Emily, Ericka, Esther, Jane, Jean, Jo, Joan, Joni, Josephine, Jorgina, Julie, Kaia, Karen, Kasey, Kimi, Kirsten, Kristine, Lana, LaQuita, Lynn, Livia, Lyric, Marcia, Marie, Matricia, Meghan, Michelle, Mary, Nicole, Payton, Patricia, Rebecca, Rose, Shelley, Sherry, Sue, Susan, Tammy, Taylee, Veronica, Victoria, Vivian, Virginia

    Lutz, Arnet, Cyrus, Pattengale, Thompson, Saubert, Graham, Bye, White, Tomac, Drown, Bloom, Gisselbeck, Granger, Nelson, Speer, Lundeen, Scott, Kearby, Wortman

    *MN stands for "Maiden Name".*
    ~Meaghan Marie (27) & John Michael (28)~
    ~ Aubriella Braelyn (1/20/07) ~ Kaia Avalon (10/28/2008) ~ Aidyn Ryker (10/13/09) ~
    ~ Taylee-Rose Amethyst (1/22/12) ~ Lyric Amelie (7/27/13) ~ Asher Tobias (9/16/14) ~

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    DH: Gabriel John *Gabe* Lutz
    DW: Emily Virginia (Nelson)

    ODS: Nathan Daniel
    DW: Esther Amelie (Granger)
    ~DS: Jeffrey Loren *Free*
    ~DD: Susan Lana *Sunny*
    ~DD: Nicole Lyric *Coley*

    ODD: Julie Michelle
    DH: Nicholas Orval *Nico* Kearby
    ~DD: Cassie Ericka
    ~DD: Tammy Rebecca
    ~DS: Max Gabriel
    ~DD: Kimi Amanda
    ~DD: Joni Elyssa
    ~DS: Graham Clayton

    YDS: Jackson Christopher *Jack*
    DW: Bailey Alayna *Bai* (White)
    ~DS: Wesley David *Wes*
    ~DD: Elizabeth Vivian *Beth*

    YDD: Abigail Lynn *Abby*
    DH: Tobias Bruce *Toby* Pattengale
    ~DS: Malachi Aidan *Kai*
    ~DS: August Peter *Augie*
    ~DD: Victoria Jean *Tori*
    ~DD: Josephine Amber *Josie*
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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