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    Einstein Elementary School Teachers Round 1

    Einstein Elementary has 26 Teachers.
    -2 teachers for Kindergarten-5th Grade-
    -1 teacher each for Physical Education, Music, Art and Librarian-
    --this is the teacher's and their families--

    --This Round is One Teacher for Each Grade, the PE teacher and the Music Teacher--

    Roll for Gender of Teacher
    Odd-Male Even-Female

    Age: Roll 50 sided die and add to 20.

    First and Middle Names for Teachers.
    1. 3 letters long
    3. (older sounding name)
    4. Word Name
    5. Ends with N
    6. 2 syllables long
    7. Contains but doesn't start or end with V
    11. (dutch)
    12. ends with -son
    13. (both genders, average and odd numbered name)
    14. Boys: Tom, Michael, John, Lionel, Alexandre, Leandro, Phellipe, Douglas, Roscoe, Matheus, Seu, Jefechander, Emerson, Edson, Benny, Luis, Mauricio, Cooper, Grant, Leo, Colin, Landry, Silas, Alwyn, Levi
    Girls: Allison, Kristin, Erica, Annette, Alice, Roberta, Sage, Quinn, Sophia, Eden, Noa, Wren, Cora, Harlow, Remy, Violet, Scarlett, Amelia, Cordelia, Harper, Madeleine, Unique, Willa, Aurora, Cressida
    15. Boys: Francois, Omar, Cyril, Gregoire, Philippe, Christian, Thomas, Tim, John, Samuel, Carey, Frank, Burr, Bruce, Ving, Paul, Eric, Lucas, Andrew, Alexander, Matthew, Landen, Kaden, Luis, Logan
    Girls: Anne, Audrey, Josephine, Clotilde, Alba, Salimata, Absa, Dominique, Amanda, Laura, Bronagh, Rosanna, Uma, Ashley, Kendra, Maya, Caitlin, Marley, Kiara, Kendall, Hope, Danielle, Faith, Arianna, Rachel
    16. (New York, 1964, top 100)
    17. (all categories)
    18. Boys: Chester, Yee, Yura, Myung, Dae, Yvan, Hyun, Shik, Mun, Hee, Noe, Kwane, Cash, Scotty, Fletcher, Jak, Rob, Abdullah, Reilly, Jacoby, Jamison, Wolfgang, Vishal, Quincy, Seamus
    Girls: Amity, Annalie, Beatrice, Edith, Emmeline, Ethel, Gwendolen, Lelia, Marilla, Maude, Millicent, Mirabel, Muriel Wilhelmina, Winifred, Sundeep, Sundi, Yola, Suncance, Yoly, Choe, Sundrenea, Sundip, Rachel, Rosa
    19. From the Last TV show you watched.
    20. 4 syllables or longer

    Roll for Last Names
    3. (generate 5 and choose)
    7. Phineas (can get this multiple times, small town they're somehow related)
    8. Starts with M
    10. (last name of anyone on the list)
    11. Cormac, Kerem, Wole, Chloe, Sesheta
    14. Trish, Elouise, Eddie, Ernie, Ricky, Dennis, Rascal, Laila, Lacey, Crush, Sweetie, Poo, Macie, Lola, Penelope, Sammy, Charlie, Romeo, Axel, Clare
    15. DiCaprio, Hill, Robbie, McConaughey, Chandler, Reiner, Bernthal, Favreau, Dujardin, Lumley, Milioti, Ebersole, Whigham, Cas, Byrne, Bullock, McCarthy, Bichir, Wayans, Rapaport
    16. Starts with Z
    17. Pandy, Bear, Piewacket, Athena, Lilu, Alistair, Cinder, Dixie, Summer, Bellina, Hansom, Sally, Babs, Vanessa, Korina, Trevore, Lownly, Boy, Lil, Kristy
    18. 1
    9. (actor's last name)

    Teacher's Relationship
    1. girlfriend/boyfriend
    2. homosexual
    3. divorced
    4. married
    5. married
    6. single
    7. married
    8. single
    9. If over 25-divorced if under 25-married
    10. engaged
    11. If over 25-divorced if under 25-married
    12. divorced
    13. bisexual (odd-male, even-female)
    14. boyfriend/girlfriend
    15. engaged
    16. married
    17. If over 25-married if under 25-boyfriend/girlfriend
    18. widowed
    19. married
    20. single

    You Choose Age Difference

    For Names Use Same as Teachers.

    Roll 12 sided die
    1-4=that number. 5-8=if over 30 that number, if under thirty 5=1 6=2 7=3 8=4. 9-10= none. 11-12=roll 4 sided die
    Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: If parent is 50 or under=Parent's age -17 roll that sided die. Highest number is infant.
    If parent is over 50=32 sided die plus number of years over 50 parent is.

    Adopted Children
    1. roll 6 sided die
    2. none
    3. -If parent is over 25 roll 4 sided die
    4. none
    5. none
    6. roll 4 sided die
    7. none
    8. none
    9. none
    10. none

    Age: Parent's age minus 20= that number

    1. none
    2. none
    3. Roll 4 sided die
    4. none
    5. Roll 6 sided die
    6. none
    7. none
    8. -If parent is over 25 roll 4 sided die
    9. none
    10. none

    Age: Roll 20 sided die plus age of their oldest child together....If that age doesn't make sense you choose age.

    Roll for First and Middle Names for Kids
    3. Boys: Roady, Albert, Harris, Louie, Winslow, Wesley, Vinson, Cosmo, Gofor, Benny, Cyd, Franz, Finley, Sullivan, Jake, Beauregard, Bucky, Blue, Loci, North, South, Perry, Aiden, Tip, Tux, West, Simon, Boo, Toby, Tucker, Max, Buddy, Joey, Milo, Woody, Venturous, Gonzo, Benson, Lachlan, Eoin, Greyson, Elias, Winter, Ansel, Theron, Finn, Andrew, Donato
    Girls: Lizzy, Keiley, Clair, Maggie, Mitsi, Joy, Georgia, Faith, Genassi, Flower, Judy, Contessa, Sybill, Alexa, Jane, Brigetta, Ella, Finley, Gracie, Bryssa, Mica, Missy, Sochi, Esther, Pumpkin, Loci, Jemima, Josey, Roxanne, North, South, Ada, Joslyn, Honey, Sassy, Pippa, Sylvie, Chelsea, Boo, Brooke, Abby, Tango, Jazmine, Elsa, Tinkerbell, Lily, Nonamie, Lilias, Paris, Penelope
    4. Boys: (any of the princes)
    Girls: (character's name)
    5. (first, middle or last name of any celebrity on list)
    6. (artist or band member's name)
    7. Boys: Chris, Kang-ho, Ed, John, Jamie, Ewen, Ah-sung, Luke, Vlad, Adnan, Steve, Diego, Channing, Ron, Dashiell, Hector, Danny, Carlos, Emil, Bastien, Elias, Placido, David, Barry, Jeff, Richard, Michael, Charles, Thaddeus, Rutherford, Clark, Ulrich, Wotan, Sebastian, Burghart, Roeland, Oliver, Amon, Robert, Eric, Barrett, Kieran, Dixon, Theodore, Finley, Xander, Benjamin, Jack, Wyatt, Laszlo
    Girls: Tilda, Octavia, Alison, Emma, Zoe, Christina, Kate, Ana, Genesis, Claire, Julia, Catherine, Stephanie, Melissa, Jenna, Katrin, Karoline, Jule, Claudia, Kara, Anna, Lena, Helene, Luise, Alice, Guinevere, Aurelia, Jemima, Nyx, Thea, Alouette, Gwen, Kimberly, Quinn, Violet, Athena, Evelyn, Natalia, Taya, Amelia, Claire, Imogen, Rhiannon, Tamara, Anne, Holland, Lux, Elodie, Noelle, Anais
    8. (lake name)
    9. (from scroll on top)
    10. (child or parent's name)
    11. Ends with First Letter of Last Names
    12. (icelandic, czech and albanian)
    13. Contains a C and K
    14. (generate box for opposite gender and choose a name from that box)
    16. (box in middle, refresh each time)
    17. Boys:
    18. Boys: Version of Parent's Name
    19. Nature/Animal Name

    --If any of the children are over 18. Roll for Relationships and Kids for them to. For their SO's used the same links as for the kids names. And for their kids use the same as for the teachers and their spouses.
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    Einstein Elementary Staff

    Ms. Claudia Katarina Duilio (54)
    ---Kindergarten Teacher

    Miss. Ora Amy Cindy (36)
    ---1st Grade Teacher
    --DBF: Ever Bradley Macias (34)
    ---Construction Cost Estimator
    ----DD: Jule Elsa Macias (8)

    Mr. Robinson Fortworth Mew (43)
    ---2nd Grade Teacher
    --DW: Lily Ann {Gilmore} Mew (41)
    ---Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    ----DSD: Ulrike Juliet Gilmore-Leo (22)
    ----DD: Nancy Phillipa Mew (17)

    Mr. Levi Aldin Thibodeaux (63)
    ---3rd Grade Teacher
    ----DD: Onyx Victoria Phineas (33)
    ---Branch Office Administrator
    ------DBF: Tawakoni Adolf Angel (35)
    ---Postal Carrier
    ----DS: Senior Rick Thibodeaux (29)
    ------DF: Jehona Dorota Chloe (29)
    ---Survey Researcher
    --------DD: Suliban T'Pol Chloe-Thibodeaux (11) "Suli"
    ----DS: Vasil Eduard Thibodeaux (26)
    ---Newspaper Correspondent
    ------DEXW: Jamie Taya Ernie-Thibodeaux (28)
    ---Biochemistry Technician
    ------DW: Gillian Berta Mulvaney (32)
    ---Fitness Trainer
    ----DD: Octavia Genevieve Thibodeaux-Nilsen (26) {bi}
    ------DH: Spencer Mark Nilsen (31)
    ---Plaster Tender
    --------DD: Poppy Hope Nilsen (4)
    --------DD: Ava Noor Nilsen (7 months)
    --DF: Jean Ann Ono (59)
    ---Registered Nurse
    ----DSD: Tigress Mica {Ono-Canaan} Hernandez (42)
    ---Freight Associate
    ------DEXH: Moose Adam Hernandez (43)
    --------DD: Blisson Briann {Hernandez} Phineas (18) "Bliss"
    ---CPR Instructor
    ----------DH: Jeffery Athens Phineas (19)
    ---Marketing Student
    --------DS: Edson Paul Hernandez (1)
    ----DSS: Rudolf Jack Ono-Canaan (37)
    ---Army General
    ------DGF: Carter Penny Kerem (38)
    ----DD: Villa Maggie {Thibodeaux} Ernie (23) {bi}
    ---Automotive Technician
    ------DW: Rayna Gwen Ernie (23)
    ---Teachers Assistant {Levi's}
    --------DD: Maple Kate Ernie (1)
    --------DS: Cooper Rudy Ernie (newborn)
    ----DD: Juliana Catherine {Thibodeaux} False (22)
    ------DH: Ian Tus False (22)
    ---Accounting Firm Office Assistant
    --------DS: Charles Honor False (2)
    --------DS: Hugh Laugh False (1)
    ----DS: Franz Darrel Thibodeaux (22)
    ---College Student
    ----DD: Kono Bella Thibodeaux (17)

    Mr. Ron Sherman Stella (36)
    ---4th Grade Teacher
    --DEXW: Leslie Vivien {Marple} Stella (37)
    ---Yeast Maker
    --DEXW: Lora Kay {Lacey} Stella (35)
    ---City Bus Driver
    ----DD: Missi Shauna Stella (9)
    ----DS: Thaddeus Rudolf Stella (9) "Tad"
    --DW: Qia Aquilliana {Phineas} Stella (38)
    ---Emergency Services Director
    ----DS: Phineas Bud Stella (4)

    Mrs. Raven May {Burns} Smith (21)
    ---5th Grade Teacher
    --DH: Hezekiah Ivan Smith (22)
    ---Children's Entertainer
    ----DAS: Graham Egill Madden (2)
    ----DAD: Georgia Lake Madden (1)
    ----DAS: Garron Abraham Madden (1)
    **Raven's sister Nell died in child-birth with her twins Georgia and Garron. 4 months earlier Nell's husband Abraham was killed in combat in Iraq. Raven and Hezekiah decided to take custody of all three kids and raise them as their own but never let the memory of their parent's die.**

    Ms. Zasha Clover Zamora (28)
    ---Physical Education Teacher
    --DEXH: Oak Horacio Arnesen (33)
    ---Newspaper Photo Editor
    ----DSS: Simba Mark Arnesen (11)
    --DEXW: Pat Larson Wolfgang (28)
    ---Registered Nurse
    ----DSD: Marlow Cherida Wolfgang (6)
    --DBF: Bud Tom Phineas (31)
    ---Retail Sales Associate
    ----DSS: Clark Sam Phineas (2)

    Miss. Wyn Sandy Moens (61)
    ---Music Teacher
    --DEXW: Gwendolen Dominique Moran (61)
    ---Weapons Officer in the Marine Corps
    ----DAS: Richard Fredrick Moran (40)
    ---Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner {military}
    DW: Ann Mauve Zig (58)
    ---Sports Attorney
    ----DAD: Tilda Dagmar Moens-Zig (32)
    ---Musician/Piano Teacher
    ------DF: Chadwick Richard Laila (35) "Chad"
    ---2nd Grade Teacher (different elementary school)
    --------DSD: Mia Evelyn Urit-Laila (13)
    --------DD: Winson Tina Zig (8) "Winnie"
    --------DS: Wright Simon Zig (7)
    --------DD: Utopia Harper Zig (7)
    --------DD: Marloes Tricia Zig (6)
    --------DS: Inks Frank Zig (4)
    --------DS: Diodato Roman Zig (2)
    ----DAS: Sydney Michael Moens-Zig (31)
    ---Medical Assistant
    ------DW: Patti Christina {Chloe} Moens-Zig (30)
    --------DD: Julie Robin Moens-Zig (11)
    --------DS: Jackson Orval Moens-Zig (9)
    --------DD: Jenevieve Sparkle Moens-Zig (8)
    --------DD: Java Beatrice Moens-Zig (4)
    --------DS: John Dwayne Moens-Zig (2)
    --------DS: James Zopyros Moens-Zig (1)
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    British Columbia
    Kindergarten: Karen Evelyn Favreau (43)
    DW: Louise Freya Phineas (48)

    DS: Elias Paul Favreau (24)
    --ex-DW: Nicki Alma Ramirez (27, dead)
    ---DS: Caspian Jesse Favreau (6)
    ---DS/DS: Emmett Jackson and Gregoire Jakob Favreau (2)
    DD: Mia Audrey Favreau (18)
    --DF: Angel Diego Javiera
    DS/DD: Adam North and Clair Piaf Favreau (1)

    Grade 1: Quentin Alexander Zatylny (39)
    ex-DW: Christa Josephine Monte (38)

    DD: Stella Marion Zatylny (22)
    --DH: Archer Derek Hartwig
    ---DD: Luca Gwendolen Zatylny (4)
    ---DS: Henry Alastair Zatylny (2)
    ---DD: Avalon Mariska Zatylny (1)
    DD/DS: Daisy Joan and Kieran Charles Zatylny (17)

    ex-DW: Ivy Diane Zale (40)

    DS: Oliver James Zatylny (8)

    DGF: Judith Amelia Clare (35)

    DD: Violet Isabelle Zatylny (5)
    DS: Henry George Zatylny (3)
    DD/DD: Alice Felicity and Cora Paula Zatylny (1)

    Grade 2: Walter Harrison Newman (40)
    DBF: Austin Jacoby Phineas (43)

    DD:Annalise Virginia Newman (7)

    Grade 3: Juniper Lisa Washington (61)
    DH: Bryan Maximilian Renard (63)

    DD: Thais Zita Renard (42)
    --ex-DH: Jasper Sean Lemaire (dead)
    ---DD: Marley Nora Lemaire (21)
    --DH: Atlas Leo Thibodeaux
    ---DD: Phoebe Ethel Renard (12)
    ---DD: Arianna Florence Renard (7)
    ---DS: Roscoe Alan Renard (5)
    ---DD: Nia Alison Renard (4)
    ---DD: Eula Augusta Renard (1)
    DD: Delphia Bijou Renard (26)
    --DGF: Lanie Adalind Gates
    ---DD: Mae Evangeline Renard (6)
    DS: Hugo Raoul Renard (24)
    --DGF: Cornelia Marion Phineas

    Grade 4: Elizabeth Abilene "Elsie" Lumley (53)
    DH: Terry Dan Maxim (55)

    DD: Wren Mckenna Maxim (11)

    Grade 5: Adelaide Rose "Addie" Vermuelen (44)
    ex-DH: Johnathan Chester Phineas (45)

    DS: Joel Hector Phineas (26)
    --ex-DW: Anya Brynn Murphy
    --DW: Lily Monroe Torsten
    ---DD: Harper Eve Phineas (6)
    ---DD: Avery Eleanor Phineas (5)
    ---DD: Scout Esther Phineas (3)

    DH: Luis Holden John (46)

    DS: Asher Florian John (17)
    DD/DS: Miranda Beatrix and Jasper Michael John (1)

    PE Teacher: Mia Rachel Summer (37)
    DH: Arlo Stefan Mica (36)

    DS: Finley Norman Summer (15)
    DD: Avalon Nicki Summer (6)

    Music Teacher: Margaret Teresa "Maisie" Anwar (45)
    DBF: Reilly Nolan Ono (50)

    DD: Katherine Beatriz Zair (22, Maisie's with her ex)
    --DH: Harold Theron Diana
    ---DS/DD: Grayson Lionel and Marina Annabelle Diana (2)
    ---DD: Alessia Karen Diana (1)
    DD: Hazel Marion Zair (16, Maisie's with her ex)
    DD: Terezie Chihiro Ono (5, Maisie and Reilly's)

    DD: Sonora Asta Ono (25, Reilly's with his ex-wife)
    --ex-DH: Rudolph Malcolm Tveit (dead)
    --DH: Augustin Pali Axel
    ---DS: Alexander Huxley Tveit (6)
    DD: Kianna Felicity Ono (20, Reilly's with his ex-wife)
    DD: Rosina Lilias Ono (15, Reilly's with his ex-wife)
    DD: Seneca Cayden Ono (8, Reilly's with an ex)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Einstein Elementary School Staff

    Kindergarten Teacher (23): Millicent Hanna Summer "Millie"
    DF (29): Fletcher Jeremiah Hollis
    DD/DS (4): Nora Summer Hollis/Levi Braydon Hollis
    DS (3): Wesley Everett Hollis
    DD (2): Claire Sophia Hollis

    1st grade teacher (31): Kay Meredith *Hudson* Hardy
    DH (32): Lucas Brian Hardy "Luke"
    DS (13): Simon David Hardy
    DS (12): Barrett Flynn Hardy
    DS (11): Toby Clark Hardy
    DD (9): Arizona Martina Hardy "Ari"
    DS (8): Adam Duncan Hardy
    DS (5): Caine Braxton Hardy
    DD (4): Avalon Calleigh Hardy "Ava"

    2nd grade teacher (44): Anderson Todd Byrne
    ExDW (43): Virginia Evelyn Nelson
    DD (23): Juliana Skyler *Byrne* Lawrence
    -DH (23): Christian David Lawrence
    --DD (2): Willow Jordyn Lawrence
    --DD (nb): Lanie Evalyn Lawrence

    DS (20): Charles Greyson Byrne "Charlie"
    -DW (20): Alice Johanna *Raymond* Byrne

    DD (7): Bailee Elaine Byrne
    DD (3): Daisy Loralei Byrne
    DD (nb): Clair Peyton Byrne

    3rd grade teacher (27): Kendall Haven *Merrill* Newman
    DH (28): Caleb Ray Newman
    DS (6): Asher Ray Newman
    DS (1): Dixon Travis Newman
    DD (nb): Riley Emma Newman

    4th grade teacher (40): Ezra Martin Jordan
    DW (40): Emily Veronica *Sawyer* Jordan
    DD (22): Whitney Eloise Jordan
    -BF (22): Robert Nicolas Bernard "Robbie"
    --DS (1): Jack Walter Bernard

    DS (15): Heath Michael Jordan

    5th grade teacher (43): George Frank Clement
    ExDW (41): Elaine Rae Holden
    DD (6): Morgan Clare Holden

    PE teacher (35): Kevin Michael Birch
    DF (33): Kelly Agnes Thomas
    DS/DS (10): Archer Dawson Birch/Dexter Preston Birch
    DS (7): Greyson Neal Birch
    DS (5): Mac Wheeler Birch
    DS (2): Amos Jude Birch

    Music teacher (49): Anne Carolyn *Cormac* Brewer
    DH (52): Mason Gabriel Brewer
    DS (29): Griffin Parker Brewer "Griff"
    -DW (29): Violet Hope McCarthy
    --DD/DD (5): Reese Kaylin McCarthy/Laila Evelyn McCarthy
    --DD (1): Haleigh Jo McCarthy

    DS (23): Malcolm Robert Brewer

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    Josephine Brenda Canaan (35)
    —Kindergarten Teacher
    DFiance: Ted Michael Burrows (38)
    DS: Holden Jacob Burrows (10)
    DS: Stellan Wilhelm Burrows (8)
    DD: Harper Rachel Burrows (2)
    DS: Jackson Baron Burrows (1)

    Victoria Maureen Zimmerman Bettles (41)
    —1st Grade Teacher
    DH: Daniel Wilson Bettles (44)
    DD: Charlotte Blythe Bettles (16)
    DS: Griffin Nelson Bettles (14)
    DD: Eva Florence Bettles (11)
    DD: Danica Sage Bettles (9)

    Grant Edward Dubois (54)
    —2nd Grade Teacher
    DW: Evelyn Lucia Knotts Dubois (53)
    DD: Anastasia Lila Dubois (14)
    DS: Gabriel Jordan Dubois/Augustin Ray Dubois (13)
    DS: Henry Hugh Dubois (12)
    DD: Phoebe Cornelia Dubois (8)

    Joy Carolyn McGrath Tibbs (53)
    —3rd Grade Teacher
    DH: Andrew Emerson Tibbs (57)
    DD: Bridget Noelle Tibbs (16)

    Calista Hope Byrne Volker (45)
    —4th Grade Teacher
    DH: Colin Anthony Volker (48)
    DD: Fiona Guinevere Volker (13)
    DD/DS: Scarlett Joan Volker/Cyrus West Volker (11)
    DD: Anya Blake Volker (5)

    Asher Leonard Madsen (42)
    —5th Grade Teacher
    DW: Ria Faith Gilberte Madsen (42)
    DSD: Violet Eve Gilberte (12)
    DD: Sylvie Gwyneth Madsen (10)
    DS: Sebastian River Madsen (9)
    DS: Julian Marshall Madsen (8)

    Nathan Moss Horn (45)
    —Physical Education Teacher
    DW: Maya Shannon Casimir Horn (45)
    DS: Simon Denis Horn (13)
    DD: Juliet Zora Horn (12)
    DD: Ruby Agnes Horn (8)
    DD: Claire Charlize Horn (7)
    DS: Roman Peyton Horn (2)

    Vanessa Danielle Chung (33)
    Music Teacher
    BF: Samuel Frederick Marsh (33)
    DD: Annabel May Marsh (2)
    DS: Jack Rudolf Marsh (1)

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