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    I agree that it is usable, but that doesn't mean you should use it. It sounds like "I see," "I.C." or icy as in frigid. Also, it reminds me of a V.C. Andrews book where the girl was named Ice, and she went through all sorts of terrible things (of course, because it was a V.C. Andrews book). Not exactly a nice connection. I would use it as a nickname for Isis or initials I.C. of you like the sound of it.

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it is not usable. Reasons:

    -reminiscent of Icy Hot
    -sounds like "icing"

    -last but not least, consider the following [extremely common] conversation between first-graders:
    "spell 'I cup'"
    "I-C-U-P" (sounds the same as "Icy-you-pee")

    Please don't take offense, but this one is kinda bad, in my opinion.
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    I personally don't like and wouldn't use Icy, but I think it's usable. I used to know one- she'd be in university now- and she wore it really well, it was cute.
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    @axps123 and @mill1020- thanks for your opinions! They're greatly appreciated
    @bonfireazalea- Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you know one and it fit with her, that's very much a positive for me!X
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    The name Poet is adorable.
    I don't prefer Icy, but for some reason I'm really drawn to Icie. I think Isis is also a good option because it sounds elegant and stoic to me and it ages well, and of course you could call her Icy!!

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