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Thread: Ziggy

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    We've recently fallen in love with the name Ziggy. We're considering it for our coming child if it turns out a boy. However, my husband and I feel like it should be short for something. We have no idea what any of the long forms would be. He'd be joining Dempsey, Jude, and Hudson.

    What are your opinions on Ziggy?
    What are the long forms of Ziggy?

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    How about a 'Z' name with the middle Ignatius? Like maybe Zane Ignatius or any other 'Z' name you like. I think it would be a nice combo : )
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    I quite like Ziggy. It's the name of a character in a British soap opera that I watch and he is a good actor. I personally would only use it in the middle name spot but I would love to meet a little boy called Ziggy.

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    I don't like it especially as a full name. What about Isaac, Zachary or Ezekiel nicknamed Ziggy?

    I've seen Ziggy used for Isaac and think it could work for the others too.
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    Ziggy is cute, but I wouldn't use it as a full name. The obvious option would be Zigmund or Sigmund or Siegfried (although that does bring to mind the magic show).

    I like PP suggestions of a Z name plus Ignatius like Zachary Ignatius.
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