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    And it continues....Please give us insight!

    Nearing the end...6 weeks to go and still nameless Here is the list. Pick your favorite and if you feel you have an even better suggestion go ahead! Just nothing to uncommon please Big sisters are Olivia, Addison, and Ella.

    Aubrey Elise

    Aubrey Ann

    Avery Ann

    Avery Elise

    Anna Elise

    Anna Michelle

    Ava Ann

    Ava Elise

    Alexis Ann

    Alayna Ann

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    Of your list my favorite with your other girls is Aubrey Elise

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    Aubrey Elise! It's lovely.
    Cecily Bridget, Rosalyn Amoret, Charlotte Verity, Seraphina Daisy, Aurora Valkyrie, Melody Helena, Dorothea Beatrice
    Cecily Beatrice, Charlotte Helena, Seraphina Bridget, Aurora Valkyrie, Rosalyn Amoret

    Robin Lysander, Edmund Ludwig, Magnus Roland, Thorin Gaspar, Percy Beowulf, Erik Wesley, Tristan Emil

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    I'm still loving Avery. Avery Elise is my top pick for you with Aubrey Elise in second.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I agree with the others. Aubrey Elise is my favorite, but I like Aubrey Michelle as well. Avery Elise would be my second favorite. Personally I think Avery is too unisex compared to the ultra feminine names your other girls have.

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